The first Flocafé store opened the doors to the public in 1994. From that moment and on, a new era in flavor and quality  has started. After 20 years of successful development, Flocafé counts more than 80 stores in Greece and plays a leading role in captive markets (ships, airports and highways). Since 2003, the brand successfully operates abroad, with the opening of stores in  Egypt, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Cyprus, Bulgaria,and Hungary.

The brand Flocafé was created and developed through continuous training and team effort, always ensuring the quality and safety of products that offers and building a solid foundation and relationship with its brand followers. Today, the inexhaustible energy, special coffee passion and constant research for optimum quality of our products and services, led us to the next step, the FLOCAFE Espresso Room.

The aim of this new concept is to upgrade customer experience in a new environment, where people, products, scents and music creating the perfect blend.

Meet the Espresso Room FLOCAFE: it's all about coffee!