New Goody's Burger House. To Goody's like you have never imagined! 

Goody's, the company that introduced the term burger to the Greek market, is active since 1975 when the first store opened in Thessaloniki. Today it is the largest restaurant chain in Greece with a nationwide network that lists 114 stores in high street locations and closed markets such as motorways and ships. 

Goody's is holding the first place in the branded Quick Service restaurant market in Greece (in shares of visits and consumption) and is the first brand recognition in the foodservice category*. By focusing on the consumer, the clear & unique taste footprint and the uncompromising quality of raw materials, Goody's have managed to keep the confidence of consumers growing, and lead the market in which it operates. 

Today, Goody’s serves over 100,000 customers daily offering a variety of dining options, both for dine in and outside the store through Goody’s Delivery Service (18365). Goody's has launched its dynamic growth abroad, in countries such as Αustralia, Albania, FYROM and Kosovo.  

The main concern of the company is to maintain the high value of the brand by constantly upgrading the customer experience. This led to the next step of launching the Goody's Burger House. It is a contemporary casual dining model, focusing on the customer who seeks contemporary aesthetics within the context of a casual burger house.

In the menu level, the recommendations are primarily based on the variety of burgers from 100% ground beef, but also signature dishes such as New York Sandwiches, Quesadillas and BBQ Chicken Wings.

Of particular interest is the technology corner that promises to transform your stay in an entertainment experience. Furthermore, the superior level of service is something that will impress you right from the very first minute, with specially trained staff welcoming the customers, ready to explain in detail the new menu and to suggest interesting items from the menu. 

With a fully refreshed atmosphere and menu of an authentic burger house, the new Goody's Burger House concept will certainly become the new benchmark in the casual dining market. 

* MRB, Market Research Fast Focus, January 2014