Master Franchising Requirements

A master franchise is a franchising contract in which the master franchisor (the owner of the brand name) hands over the control of the franchising activities in a specified territory to a person or entity, called the "master franchisee".

Master franchising is a method that has been employed by most franchise systems. The operational efficiency of these systems benefits from increased growth rates of the subfranchises.

Our ideal candidates are strong, marketing oriented companies involved in retailing or other service related business residing/ operating in the Territory.

It is possible for us to work with groups that are well capitalized, have strong knowledge of their market and have the ability to acquire the services of experienced restaurant professionals.

Ideally, we are searching for companies that are involved in one or more of the following industries: food service, hospitality, retail, food manufacturing or distribution, real estate, hotel or cold storage.

The ideal master franchisee

We are looking for Groups (or Individual Investors) that have

•  the financial capital to operate the business and meet or exceed the brands development schedule

•  the resources to build a business enterprise or have one currently in place

•  a clear understanding of the financial and time commitment for the term of the Franchise Agreement of operations

•  knowledge and or understanding of customer service, P&L, real estate development