Math Counts 2023 Comprehensive Guide -- Test Pattern, Important Dates, 3 Tips for Preparation [with free PDF] (2024)

Are you participating in Math Counts 2023? This guide will be beneficial for you. We have collected all the essential information on this subject. That includes past competitions, important dates, and effective tips to follow. Without any further ado, let’s start!

I. What is Math Counts 2023?

The Math Counts is a Competition Series where students from 6 to 8 grades can participate. It is a national-level program organized in all states. As the name suggests, it is a mathematical competition like the AMC.

The Math Counts competition consists of the four following levels:

  • Chapter
  • School
  • State
  • National

And now, it is during 2023 Chapter target round. The timeline will be shown in the following part.

Hundreds of thousands of students participate in this competition every year. The exact number of participants can vary depending on the state and its population.

Generally, this competition series has its state-level coordination. They are responsible for announcing dates, enrolling students, distributing forms, and handling inconveniences.

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II. What is the Math Counts 2023 Test Like?

The Math Counts 2023 starts off comparatively easy. However, the test turns challenging as the students progress to the next level.

Here are the subjects you need to cover for the Math Counts 2023 competition:

  • Arithmetic
  • Linear Equations
  • Functions
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Ratio and Proportions
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Counting
  • Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry
  • Series and Sequences
  • Number Theory

The first round, also known as the Sprint Round, consists of 30 problems. You have to solve them within a time limit of 30 minutes.

Here is a question with the Mathcounts 2023 sprint round answer:

Q: Maria was born on January 1, 2000. Her mother was born on January 1, 1975, and her father was born on January 1, 1970. In what year was the sum of their ages 100?

A: 2015

If you are searching for Math Counts 2023 chapter target round real questions PDF, download this!

III. Breaking Down the Math Counts Competition 2023

The Math Counts 2023 competition is divided into different rounds. Each level has 3-4 rounds. Let’s look at them in detail:

School Level

  • Spring Round
  • Target Round
  • Team Round

Chapter Level

  • Sprint Round
  • Target Round
  • Team Round
  • Countdown Round

State Level

  • Sprint Round
  • Target Round
  • Team Round
  • Countdown Round

IV. Important Dates for the Math Counts 2023

The registration for the Maths Count 2023 started on August 15, 2023. Let’s look at other important dates to provide a clearer picture for future registration and test schedules.

  • November 1st, 2023 – The School Competition
  • November 1st, 2023 – Early Bird Registration
  • November 6, 2023 – Non-school registration starts for those students who want to participate from outside their schools.
  • December 15, 2023 – Regular Registration
  • January 8, 2024 – The end of registrations
  • Late January 2024 – The school competition kits for the Math Counts 2023 will be available.
  • Feb 1 to 29, 2024 – Chapter-level competitions will commence throughout the country.
  • Mar 1 to 31, 2024 – State-level competitions will commence.
  • Mar 12 to 13, 2024 – The final, national-level competition will take place.

V.Tips to Prepare for the Math Counts 2023

Here are some important tips to prepare for the Math Counts 2023:

1. Practice The Essential Subjects

The Math Counts competition comes from various areas of mathematics. Thus, make sure to practice different problems from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, etc. This way, you can strengthen your grip on all the major subjects part of the Math Counts test.

2. Time & Registration Management

The best practice is to register yourself in the earlier registration phases. So you can get the maximum time to practice and solidify your mathematical skills. Revising and revisiting every problem you have solved for the Math Counts preparation a week or two before the competition is highly recommended.

3. Mock Tests Are Helpful

Many students avoid going through mock tests. However, they can be pretty helpful. Consider an expert or skilled mathematician. They can prepare a mock test like the Math Counts competition for you. Push yourself to solve all the questions within a specified time frame.

For example, you can recreate the Sprint Round. This way, you have to solve 30 questions in 40 minutes.

Math Counts 2023 Comprehensive Guide -- Test Pattern, Important Dates, 3 Tips for Preparation [with free PDF] (2)

VI. What to Know About the Math Counts 2023 Registrations?

The Math Counts 2023 registrations might seem a bit confusing. Generally, they take place in two phases.

First, you have the Early Bird registration. It starts immediately after the school-level competition. The significant difference between the different registration phases is the enrollment fee. The Early Bird costs $30 per student.

Alternatively, you have the Regular registration phase. This one is a bit more complex than Early Bird. That’s because it has two prices and a due-date system. For school students, it costs $35. However, non-school participants have to pay $70 for their enrollment.

Another thing to consider is that this fee increases after the proposed registration date. After the marked date, non-school participants will pay $80, while school students will pay $40 to enroll themselves.

Math Counts 2023 Comprehensive Guide -- Test Pattern, Important Dates, 3 Tips for Preparation [with free PDF] (3)

How do You Register For the Math Counts 2023?

The Chapter and State registrations are available for both school and non-school students. You have to head to this page. Here, you will find all the states, their chapter names, dates, and competition levels. Moreover, you can open every entry for more information, like the Coordinator’s name, email, and contact number.

FAQs About The Math Counts 2023

Q1: My School is not participating in Math Counts 2023. Can I Still Enroll?

You can enroll regardless of your school’s participation in the Math Counts 2023. You will be considered as a non-school participant and have to pay a few extra bucks than school students.

Q2: Should I take Tuition Classes for the Math Counts 2023?

If you feel like it, sure. The Math Counts 2023 depends entirely on your mathematical abilities. It can work for you if you want to strengthen them with tuition classes!

留资卡片:数学(en): Book Now for Free-Online math classes for students in grades 1-12

Q3:What is the 2023 MathCounts Chapter Target Round?

The 2023 MathCounts Chapter Target Round is a segment of the MathCounts competition where participants solve a set of challenging math problems under time constraints. It consists of two rounds, each with four questions that must be answered within six minutes. This round requires more precise calculations and deeper problem-solving skills compared to other parts of the chapter competition as it tests students’ ability to work accurately under pressure.

Q4:How does the 2023 MathCounts School Round differ from other rounds?

The 2023 MathCounts School Round is the first stage of the competition where students begin their journey in MathCounts. This round usually takes place at their own schools and is less competitive than subsequent rounds. It serves as an initial qualifier for advancing to the Chapter level. The School Round consists of both multiple-choice Sprint and longer-form Target problems, but generally has a lower difficulty level compared to later stages like the Chapter or State competitions.


The Math Counts 2023 competition is not that challenging if you prepare well. However, you don’t have to force yourself to score well on this test. Remember that it is an activity only to strengthen your mathematical skills. You can choose not to participate if you are unwilling. The best tip for its preparation is to take your time. Make sure to cover all the topics without affecting your physical or mental health!

Math Counts 2023 Comprehensive Guide -- Test Pattern, Important Dates, 3 Tips for Preparation [with free PDF] (4)

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Math Counts 2023 Comprehensive Guide -- Test Pattern, Important Dates, 3 Tips for Preparation [with free PDF] (2024)


What is a good score on MATHCOUNTS? ›

For a MATHCOUNTS competition, a score of 23 out of 46 (or 50%) is absolutely fantastic! The Target Round of a MATHCOUNTS competition has four pairs of problems.

How to prepare for MATHCOUNTS state? ›

1. MATHCOUNTS Handbooks: If you are taking the MATHCOUNTS at the School/Chapter level or you are new to competition math, then first go through the Handbooks that MATHCOUNTS creates every year. They are pretty comprehensive books with a lot of practice problems.

Is MATHCOUNTS state hard? ›

There are 4 levels in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series: school, chapter (local), state and national. Competition questions are written for students in grades 6-8. The competitions can be quite challenging, particularly for students who have not been coached using MATHCOUNTS materials.

What grade level is MATHCOUNTS? ›

The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that reaches students in grades 6-8 in all US states and territories with 2 extracurricular math programs. Hundreds of thousands of students participate in our programs or use our resources each year.

Is MATHCOUNTS easier than AMC 8? ›

The AMC 8 is the hardest of the three math competitions on this list. Many consider Math Olympiad and Mathcounts to be good preparation for the AMC 8. This 40-minute competition is for middle schoolers in the 8th grade or below who are under 14.5 years old on competition day.

Is a 700 math score good? ›

A 700 on a single section of the SAT is a solid score, although it depends on your target schools and overall application. The SAT has two sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW). Each section is scored on a scale of 200-800, making the highest possible total score 1600.

What is the prize for winning MATHCOUNTS? ›

The National Champion (Countdown Round Winner) will win the $20,000 Donald G. Weinert Scholarship. The Countdown Round Runner-Up will receive $7,500. The two Countdown Round Semifinalists will each receive $3,000.

Does MATHCOUNTS give scholarships? ›

a $3000 college scholarship (disbursed after the recipient successfully starts a Competition Series program at an underserved school) 2 years of free MATHCOUNTS Competition Series registration for their selected school.

How can I improve my MATHCOUNTS score? ›

Practicing problems from every MATHCOUNTS topic will help ensure that no question is too difficult to solve. For example, if you missed a question from your practice session because you did not understand the concept. Make a note of it and take it upon yourself to learn how to solve that specific problem.

What is the hardest stage of math? ›

1. Real Analysis: This course is sometimes referred to as the most difficult undergraduate math course because it delves deep into the theoretical foundations of calculus. It relies heavily on rigorous proofs and demands a high level of abstract thinking.

What state in the US is the best at math? ›

The states with the highest math scores are:
  • Kansas.
  • Iowa.
  • Nebraska.
  • Utah.
  • Wisconsin.
  • South Dakota.
  • Montana.
  • Wyoming.
Feb 12, 2024

Is MATHCOUNTS useful? ›


MATHCOUNTS builds the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for success. In an independent study, 87% of MATHCOUNTS students said their confidence in their STEM abilities improved after participating in the Competition Series.

Who can take MATHCOUNTS? ›

Students enrolled in grades 6-8 are eligible to participate in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series. Students taking middle school mathematics classes who are not full‑time students in grades 6-8 are not eligible.

What is 11th grade math called? ›

Typically, students in grade 11 take Algebra II (if they followed the traditional course sequence: Algebra I in 9th grade, and Geometry in 10th grade).

Who runs MATHCOUNTS? ›

Mathcounts logo
LocationUnited States
Executive DirectorKristen Chandler
Co-founderDonald G. Weinert
5 more rows

What is a good score for math placement test? ›

A score of 30 or higher reflects that a student is adequately prepared for college-level mathematics. Higher level scores representative an adequate preparedness for higher level courses.

Is a 680 math score good? ›

Section SAT Scores

The top 10% of test takers tend to earn between 660 and 800 in Evidence Based Reading and Writing and above 680 in Math. To be considered competitive, the score has to be between 650 and 690 in Reading and Writing and 610 to 670 in Math.

What is a good score for maths methods? ›

The maximum study score is 50. Each year, and for every study, the mean study score is set at 30. A score of 38 or more indicates that you are in the top 15%.

Is a 600 math score good? ›

Your SAT score, which ranges from 400-1600, is the sum of your two section scores: Math and Reading and Writing. Each section uses a scale of 200-800 in 10-point increments. A good score on Math or Reading and Writing, then, would be around 600.

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