Menu at Sam Cafe, Merced (2024)

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Menu added by users January 17, 2024

Menu at Sam Cafe, Merced (1)

Menu added by the restaurant owner December 05, 2023

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  • Chicken Wings6 reviews


    deep fried chicken wings

  • Egg Roll11 reviews


    pork or vegetable hand wrapped in a crispy shell with sweet sauce

  • Imperial Roll


    shrimp, chicken, and vegetables in rice paper with sweet dipping sauce

  • Chicken Satay9 reviews


    chicken skewers for dipping in a tasty dipping sauce

  • BBQ Pork8 reviews


    sweet succulent BBQ pork with spicy and sweet dipping sauce

  • Hot Wings


  • Calamari3 reviews


    hand battered and fried calamari with sesame soy sauce

  • Fried Shrimp


    hand battered and fried shrimps with spicy sweet sauce

Thai Entrees

  • Pad Bai Ka Prao


    Meat with basil, bell pepper, onion, and bamboo shoots. Spicy.

  • Kat Tiem Prik Thai


    Meats with garlic, pepper, red and yellow onion.

  • Pad Prik


    Stir fried meat with cbili, onion, peppers in a ligbt sauce. Spicy.

  • Pad King


    Stir fried meat with ginger, mushroom, onion in a medium dark sauce.

  • Goong Krawb (Soft Shell Shrimp)


    Soft shell crispy shrimp with a thai spices and herbs. Spicy.

  • Preo Wan


    Sweet and sour meat with pineapple, bell pepper, carrots, and onion.

  • Mahmuong Hemaphan


    Cashew chicken, onion, bamboo shoots, in sweet chili sauce.

  • Nuea Khanah


    Thai style beef and broccoli woth oyster sauce. Spicy.

  • Prah Lard Prik


    Seasonal fish cooked with thai chili sauce. Spicy.

  • Peht Yeang Sam's


    very own roast duck with sweet and spicy cbili sauce. Spicy.

  • Mussels3 reviews


    Delicious mussels in spicy sauce of basil, chili, and berbs! Spicy.

  • Goong Nampra


    Delicious shrimp in spicy sauce with onions, berbs vert flavorful! Spicy.

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Noodle Entrees

  • Pad Thai Combination


    chicken, shrimp, pork, eggs, peanuts, stir fried with rice noodles and onions. Spicy.

  • Pad Thai148 reviews


    Choice with a choice of chicken or pork fried with noodles as pad thai. Spicy.

  • Me Krob


    Crispy egg noodle topped with choice of meat, vegetables, and gravy.

  • Laht Nar


    Wide eice noodle topped with meat. Vegetables and gravy.

  • Pad Khee Mau


    Choice of meat with vegetables, and boly basil sauce. Spicy.

  • Chow Mein6 reviews


    Meat stir fried with chow mein noodles and vegetables.

  • Pad Seew


    Wide rice noodle stir fried with vegetable and meat.

Asian Favorites

  • Orange Chicken10 reviews


    Darker and sweeter than regular orange chicken this is delicious.

  • Garlic Mixed Vegetables


    Mixed vegetables, garlic, green onion, in a light sauce.

  • Lemon Chicken


    Chicken breast bend battered with a tangy lemon sauce.

  • Mongolian Beef3 reviews


    Slices of steak with onions, bell peppers in spicy sauce. Spicy.

  • Kung Pao


    Chicken or pork with whole, chili, peanuts, onions, carrots, celery. Spicy.


  • Combination Fried Rice


    Rice, chicken, pork and shrimp fried in bouse soy sauce.

  • Fried Rice33 reviews


    A Choice of chicken or pork fried in bouse soy sauce with vegetables.

  • White Rice


    Steamed white rice made by the professionals.

  • Sticky Rice


    Tasty sticky rice perfect for dipping in sam's spicy sweet sauce.

  • Pineapple Cashew Fried Rice


    Fried rice with chicken or pork that is tangy and cruncby.


  • Panaeng


    Blend of red and yellow curry with meat, coconut & bamboo shoots. Spicy.

  • Yellow curry11 reviews


    Yellow curry with meat, potato, onion & coconut milk. Spicy.

  • Pad Prik Curry


    Chili curry with meat, bell pepper, onion & bamboo shoots. Spicy.

  • Gaeng Deang


    Red Curry with meat, bell pepper, zucchini, string beans, bamboo shoots. Spicy.

  • Gaeng Keow Wahn


    Green curry with meat, bell pepper, zucchini, string beans bamboo. Spicy.

Soup Entrees

  • Tomp Yum Goong


    Spicy blend of chili, lemon, lemon grass and shrimp. Spicy.

  • Tomp Yum Gai Thai


    Favorite that's a spicy blend of chili, lemon grass and chicken. Spicy.

  • Poh Taek


    Seafood in a spicy and sour sauce with flavors of lime and mussels. Spicy.

  • Kuay Tio


    Rice noodle soup with slices of steak and meatballs.

  • Tomp Kah Gai


    Soup with chili, chicken, coconut milk. Spicy.

  • Ba Mi Peht


    Roast duck soup with herbs and egg noodles.

  • Kao Soi


    Flat wide noodles with traditional herbs, spices, and groud pork. Spicy.

  • Seafood Soup1 review


    Rice noodles with shrimp, krab, fish ball, calamari and berbs.

  • Sam's Rice Noodle Soup


    Slices of steak, brisket, tendon, tripe and meatballs.

  • Sam's Combo


    (Aka 61 everything) shrimp, krab, steak, beef meatballs and noodles.

  • Chicken Pho2 reviews


    rice noodle with steam shredded chicken

  • Vegetable Pho


    rice noodle with vegetables


  • Thai Tea12 reviews


    traditional iced tea with cream

  • Thai Lemonade


    a sweet and sour Thai Lemonade with fresh lime juice

  • Thai Iced Coffee


    iced coffee with cream

  • Soft Drink



  • Sweet Cream Rice with Mango


    sweet sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and fresh mango

  • Sweet Cream Rice With Jackfruit


    sweet sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and jackfruit


  • Spicy beef salad2 reviews


    Beef with bell pepper,onion and lemon grass

  • Larb3 reviews


    Meat coriander with lemon and lime seasoning

  • Papaya salad3 reviews


Menu added by users March 25, 2023

Menu at Sam Cafe, Merced (2) Menu at Sam Cafe, Merced (3) Menu at Sam Cafe, Merced (4)

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Menu at Sam Cafe, Merced (2024)
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