The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland (2024)


the sum 'True Mrtt Triumphant, Jl8-2trr B. E. corner Lexington aud Liberty sts. PLEASURE KXCUlisiONS. KnnTiK UNieniirTsitan fSSk'rg BAp OK TII BROADWAY M.

P. TO HOLLY THE BXCKLSIOK CLUB, Assisted bv some or ihe finest talent of the city, will give CONCERTS Oa board the Boat and also at the GrbVe. 7ff I nilltnlMr ucililat.uH drUilllTtf MmuliAia aio nnHfleii thai Ilia i-lirht to lutrft- dtioa psretMll UlW V'B PHly tHft tinme dlate nieuibel of lliolr ceai.entiv fshUilp. gt-keapar lia baori luati tiiileit en fr this Older llilo liroper aileot, l't oitl t't U' lu r. ItttutiAiiiif penfBlary.

TAlST'rW 7 AIWUIANT HI-miiaPa tll', ftinij MfrHiti id tlie "M'i tih, "tli ah. I lltli itubl iittt "vtt, ith. nt'l fv UM ItiMllte titfaittl-v, aMit aV lit Oti IO.I I alintia of Cavan wait Pve HMi'd wlili Genet ot deia, lit, nialli a lo imiiiii tii puia pcoi-uvtv, ai-o vl.r c.iulu.l thai ii m.lov 9 pot Willi ,0 i1 heh'tu I l.i, ''lll, Mil, lu.) wll peatihiect tt.hlteat, rtuu l' iliipi ia.iliuu'iii. In a'itiot-i dunce with aeotioua in and It pimpiur HG, acts i.i, Company t'oinmanilrtia cf ie alutf a i1' 'tlG'Piol (o i hie and liattBdona ate iiiilio othoe Ihn lianie and tealdioiilt othoe Ihn name and iealjioiult ell piivatna Witt) have rcfiiaDtl to ictllniaiiv MiiliH HHMH toiiput to opto ty Iii llitMt' iioaacaaptn, eo llial llm aaipii )Mv pa ilet.i.d iy pi-it. rtoea in law, riv i uiamtPi In I hud ftv emu mami ul ihe lint et put and t'i on tlUll II.

illttlt. Aiilllt)tMlioieial. lmila)i I. II Ml IN, Ju 1i Inadler llmii'ial and A A A ll, IHilj.iiifeni Anuni'lA I (on Uiu I I will Him' In (lie Man'iiHUil ol fi. lalmllita hm vh.

oat i hIvciI aiid Mn'iuoit ttio'i'U ai iV li.V li I Hll. milt, at 0 tt'i'liti-a. "I tleell hie Klolica will pica, I allttmi, liat-a lima ejlll Pol UllllKd. A. II l.

jl lttiiil, VIcm I teolilciij, A tO' tMI "tttiui oi ,1 Hi) III Hill ND I i 11 1,, MtUllliIni 'iHuMAa Mlil.AN, ilulliiltm, 'ntvltUno. (laitiiliinly, itlllp tt aloli, ,1,11 hi. Id, ivtlwaid HauiiHiii 'ilea. )t pi, il, iicip, (in "all fiionit viiiV hir mock In the new liiiiltlliix AaaoiJiiiinu will ailcnd a iiicmiuit l.u pm maiitml i)igtiiiinitii am) ailiutllittl til a lAiitniimiiiii nut) iv latva nil niiilN, 1 A ul IHili, at nu VIoi I al anuiHnaal itiu pel til I'tiilt and Itohtl ala. I linen lahlii to an li StUllie IvU slock.

ao Un ited lo ,1 AMitl SMI I lull! pin (tin), HAMUP'I. J. (illlUM, Met). (tioiiUil, Hill rv--NlV hi Alt Ulill.DINit Am i l()N, No, t. I Im ptoinpiii it( Hie alioya Aa ao.

lull. ll ill Ink lli.llco lltitt lint hlclloli n( llll ccia will be held on Muli, I. nt Uiitlel'a. en) itrt ol iiinlhiii ami llauH ttluliin. All Ibitaa lolling tt) Itilll ais ciildlillly iVlln.i, I II, Pllll It, Jln'JtM -1 llPiinilai Pit) Iciii, JV l'O A Nl I 1 i li tt.

I' Il I 1 1 ,1 I 1 1 AKHHtlil Ik I ATION No. ft, llm tllnt ltiui UH' Olllmiia of I lie above Aaaoclalloll laltna lilac KEN t.lNil. DAY KY It I Nil, Vtllli, nl eight o'cloitU. at llin piomlaiia of Jat'tiu t'aiHH, I'm Hand alittif. rciaoua Who Wtall to buooillt) lllelllltina innv I'oiltolorwiiid.

JAl nil Htl IIAHM, jtrt-Jta hiicnilaiy piotitm, a'. Yo ViTa T. The I I I 1 1 h.HT II A I. TT MOKE AMMOlTAIION Ht Pciinavlvanla avenue, iienr Moitltci' nl will ottor MONEY EOlt HACK on KIOmDaY NKXT at a oVlnck. I hero are yet a number of Hiarea remaining utiiuld, and peraoiia wlithlng to ubacrlbt), will pleaae alieml nt thu hour above named, lly order ot the ieahlent.

jlti'Jt HKItN Altl IIOtlCIH. fy--THK LAI KSI'Tm 1 I tl i I LI 1 1 .1 1NG ASSOCIATIONS will meet nt Kcatauraut, orncr of llainliurg ami Hldgley utrecta, on HIS EVENING, tha Hhh at o'clock. Every borrower receives the full pur valuu, 4(M. Weekly dues 23 ctuus. Come up aud Pay your entrance fee of teu coma per ahare.

l.t-w,.;'t! G. lit ml NSQ1, Sen, pro tern. CITY COMMISSION EH'9 OFKICIK. HalTimoBK. July 15th.

1870. Pnrsnant to application, Ihe (lly Lommlttalonor will atteud on the preiulaea, oa WEDNESDAY, the iuth at 4 o'clock P. to establish the LINES and Git ADE OF UOsTON between Paiapsco aud Binuey sts. Uy order. GEOIiGE P.

'WOODWAKD, 2t Clerk to the City ConinilHaioncr. rpTnS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the Bubserlber has obtained from tbe Orphans' Court of Baltimore city letters testamentary on the estate of GAKKKTT late of said city, deceased. All persons having claims against said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 19th cay of January neit; thev may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate viayment. Given under my hand this 10th day of July, IMo.


6 SOUTH STUEET. A general stock of School Books, Blank Hooks, Paner mid Stationery always on hand. Counting House Stationery of superior quality. Blank Books manufactured to order. Bill Heads, Checks.

Circulars, Cards. Note and Letter Headings lithographed or printed In faucy or plain style, A15 AIll LAN BIUTANNIA AND GOLD AND SILVKi: PLATE YV UKKS, ESTA11L1SM r.D PI3U. "WILLIAM 1IOLMES, Proprietor. ITavlng opened a Show Koom over McCaffrey's Music Store. No.

03 West Baltimore atreet, for the exhibition aud sale ot COLD AND SIEVE I. PLATED WAKE, of my own manufacture, 1 respectfully Invite your early iUHnection and patronage. With the advan-tagcaot the very beet mechanical skill, the latest improvement In the necoamiry machinery, and over forty years of active experience as a manufacturer, 1 flatter myself that I can supply nay article lu my line oi ousineaa, oi tne uest quality auu womiuau- ship, and In the newest style. Pli latlne and Wholesale Hooms. 12 BANK LANE.

Factory. 4 MlKlli HOLL1DAY Md. Kepairing and ltcplatlng promptly attended' CT SMITH NOItTH KI1TAW SITiEET. J. Fine and Strictly Pnre CONFECTIONEUY, iimdc fresh every day.

FANCY CAKES jispeclalty If? IlKIJIT'TAKsTErmnreleTand Hell Metal Preserving Kettles, Jelly Tumblers, Saucepans, Knives, Spoons, at low prices. C. W. OHEEN'FIELD. lG-2t) aitO Lexington west ol Green.

CIOAL. COAL. Mi. 2.240 nounds to the ton. COA L.

to. For sale by UEOKGE W. Ilt'KTT, Jyll lin'f No. 3 North street, near Baltimore. ENGLISH ALPACA UMIIKELLAS.


JylB-3tr I9 Baltimore street, near Charles. 1 UilBF.H HOSE For Street and Garden use, wltll ll ail the Brass W. G. MAXWELL, 16-2tr4. alt Baltimore street, near Charles.

rVu.CSSK.a. FX A STIC STOCKINGS. Supporters. -I Shoulder Braces, Splints, Crntches, Galvanic Batteries, and every description ot Surgical Goods, for sale by W. F.

DAILY. 234 West Baltimore street. rfntAVELING SATCHKLS LESS THAN COST. Intending to close out our entire stock of TRAVELING SATCHELS, those In Wmitcaa OBTAIN SAMUEL CHILD At Importers, J16-10tr 20 North Charles street. ULMAN 35 SOUTH GAY 8TP.EET, Offer to tha trade their superior make A LO II II II ANI COLOGNE SPIUITS, fl'roof and 93 Per Cent.) tAnTr' GWYCZK WIltE DISH COVEKS.

YYalet Coolers, Ice Pitchers, Icc-Crcan. Freezers, Fruit Jars, Hell-Metal and Enamelled Preserving Keitles. COIITLAN aid snd ais West IinitimorB atreot. Importers of House uiuiniilrig Goods. Glass, Table Cutlery, Plated warn, 4c.

UyJIir 'IM1E 1 TIIE UNI VKK.SA I. 1IR0JLKR, Superior to any Broiler In the market; does away with all smoke mid small. Nos. 7. 8 ami tt Inch.

Pi-Icon 75 cents, 1 and It 25. The best Investment a lady cau make. COLLI N'S ds HEATH, Btove, Furnace and Plumbing lioiue, ait Light streut. 1 I 1)A IS KE Fl lo'KK A I GI1AUANTKKI) THE BEST I Til WOItLD, COUTLAN A Agenta, XIO ami 21N Baltimore st. Also Upright and Chest form Htk KlGElt A'toiiS of all the moat approve kinds.

WATCH KsT WATCH Esl WATcHkH! Hl'V" VVindnr, Kciicatcr and Quarter Seconds WA I CHF.S, In Gold or Silver Cases. No keys required to wind or set thuin, aud nil warrantud correct timekeepers. We areaole Agenta for Charlea K. Jaeot'a Patent Timekeeper, una of the very beat In use. Call and examine.

Prices low. Wtttclwa ami Jewelry repaired In the bftat manner and warranted. I.AKMOHIt tl'i-o 105 est Baltimore street. ATCH Ed. DIAMOND PINGS.


HtlHT HOW1A. HE1H. i HAMIiF.L ItlltK HON. AI TMOKK ill ItEET. IUUI'HICIt ItEDilC'l ION IN ii XH ic a i HKAND Of CKMKN'I, In liamlaomn ortler, now laud-log and for onlu to tliu trade nt loweni rule.

GlttSK. r0(. calcined ()( TONH LUMP PLASTEH. 1 low. Jin Str GltlCUL'ITJliAir OK PorAFlIf lug Hum baialellaa, from hremeu.

ami for sale by CIlAS. GlnanLIiYH. maMliit, men, AHIi jyio WMja I dm Voice I I auicle ai a re. 1.1,1 I'leooi vlug Itulvea; "llATENr ICE pitch kmr 11 Jl'iTs Mat llaUlmiii'M s'trast. nt i hit gold wti it 1AMOMD.

PtAlil, t'ollAI. sii.tikl I'AKle.) JEI autt other JltU ki It ii aulilul lingua, Vu, iele by tlliUr CAHMOIIU -V'fHLi IIHlWe.1. Ilaliimoie.ireet. Nkw fc-ft-i 'LYjiwiuK: II KW Bfll ta Oil tsGl.lD blLVBHWAItB uialu a Wt.i A air a in IOI K1J A 1. 1 list niyimir.a l.AIIY OUT 41 NED fiuiii tha Conns ot nlHWeut Utat-ia: IcjiV.

ul In advance; advice free. EHItiV I 1 ii Co oik Lu' MA A 1 11 GO I' hit A I. hrt, uaHiiTtlcd' to gTva iii.u.cillutd Hcin lo Cail.eifiui Ili.JLu lihuu mail.ui, flirt Arc Ho liHUAHlh tl? Cttl)iii't ugulid dtui Jioiu Fiankilu at. I ml Itn'l KEV. DR.

RAltOKN'T WIT 1. l'fjv l-n Tit UIa7'Vlf o'clock A.M. ind M.rit CUKOS BOD Til. Alt nued. SeaUuee.

it't ry-iCaAN'GE OF HOLra-Servlce In tlreen and -LKS Lombard Methodist Protestant Church, (J. .1. Mubbat. Jj Pastor.) at It o'clock, morning, and 5 clock, afternoon. Seals tree.

ltx AI3QU1TH ST. M. P. CULKCU. iiEV.

J. THOS. MniUV will nrnBKh Tli-Mllt'imW (Sunday.) at 11 A. M. and 8 P.

M. U. rCKNlKA PKESBYXKU1AN CHiThcII. LKy comer or Nrrrohiort amt J.itertv lfwl. Service TO-MOlfoW at 11 A.

M. I'teachliig lr (lit pastor. Kxv. Db. a JITii.

iilL. nrsEcoxD pi-ksby'tkuian ciuuuh. hmTt IK-S or litiltimore antiusti rtwM.ln tho alwoiit'o he Pastor. Iter. A.

V. C. JJcuKNt will pit-arlt TO-MOKKOW. (Sunday.) at It A. M.

M' ryfST. JOHN'SCHintOH Ltvrlv Hr, Minwi f'aveut and ljcinoUm lTcai'hm mil A.M. by liev. Da. WatisTKK; at P.M.

by l)n. Wiu. soy. Subject "Who are ltt nSPKKACniNO AT "DKl'tD IttTTtTTI'O MOiS-LK? ltow ata o'clock 1. No.

the BltETHUKN. Should it rain, aervlcoa at Frtndhl) Flail, Frauklin streat.jicar l'aca. it't JTSKCdsi) ENGLISH LUT II KltAN ('IIUKt'M lkf Ijytntxtrd irr, uvM of Unsn. I'rcaclilng TO-MOUIioW, (Suudv. at A.

M. andSV, by tha Pastor, ltxv. K. J. Wot.P.

'W "SO TICK. Tnoro wtll Sm vloo In tha LKJ UAITISI' I IllUil II, TO MoltliO vsuuJajJ it bolux cloaed lor pair. -ji 11K It Kl'l I. Itnvl U. KK ai S.

th 1W I'NJIU'I-. will l.ra.vlt I'O. MoKKOW "UOlOilNG. at 11 The milillci inviteii. 1HK OU.V SOIUWI.

KAPl'isi'H wilt have SI 1 A li)K i Nil bv Khler li. I' ky. ihA wiiiiiiu tuta Hall. Gy aud Fayotte ttwt. 1 1 f-stUT ifi-KFiS i-KKiA i CiVTJ l1 ttrvrt, Air TO-MOKROW.

(Sabfath.l by ih 1'aator. tha Hov. W. G. It A.

M. t'abbathi Its Authority." IN' at tree. ity- fTr" kkv. i.i,cu",."c luiuiur, of S.mth" i LJ liua, will prvaoh tr tbeSKVKNTII luri'lsT CHl'Ki'a. W.

rnllor Saiatosa and Paoa atraets, TtVMOiiiaOW, at 11 lu the morning and a lu Ilia evening. fyf-UKV. KvTSaY, Pastor, will fi.h In LkJf nuiiisT.tsApnsrtiuutcti (Sunday! MOKXINU, at 11 o'clock. Uv, U. MocoLi.ov-.iu wia supply Uie puhvlt during Vh 1'as tor's abaenro.

'it jpSCOMMCMON' SKRV1CKS SAHn.TII will bo adnilnlstnitfd at the ol'i'Mi-l-KlS CHAPEL, of the Vtilted Xreihron In Christ. Kev. VT. It, Karsk, Presldlug Klder, will pi-raoli at It clock A. and at P.

M. by tha Pastor, 11, A. skHUCHvaa. All are tnvltad. rr-s-WKSl KY CH tt-iU un.1 tkirf IKS IVeachlng Txv.MuiiiSviw.

tSuu.lay.i at It A. M. by the Pastor, Kev. K. kiv, and at 8 P.M.

Major Pkown. frm Mpmicv ill deliver an ad. dress on the l.oioriuaUou lu that couu- try. A.i are invited. it') fTr ccniNEtjrSVOSK laying.

Lk5 Tna KVANGKLU'AL 1. VJ t' A ST. JOHN'S CONGKKG ATION. Ih-Ius about to rrvct a larEe school House adjoining their Church. xiuitj sixeet.

Kit ar i ennvivAuia avttuue, win lay the Corner-stone ill. "SEXX SL'SPAY at 3 o'clock. Kev. Mr. irs.

in Gorman, and Kev. Mr. McCsox. In English, will oiticiate. Aiiareiuvlied.

JOUX SCUWlNGKlt, Secretary. rriP HAMPDEN MKTHODIST PKdTESTANT Lkf CAMP-MEEriNG. WlHlDUKUliV. Tais poouiar on the grounds of the Katupde'n Association, between Falls road and avenue, will commence ou THCKS-PAY, July irh. Tents can be rented and good board obtained.

The Korthern Central itailway Company issue ticsetsat reduced rul-s. All intereste.1 will meet on the ground on ilO-MJAi. instant, to select sitea for their tents. 1. W.

BATES. ooaoerrr. V-THE TO UNO MEN'S CUUISTIAX ASSOCI-15 ATION wiil hold Odbu Air ileetlncs EVEKY SABBATH AFTEKNOO-V, at four o'clock, at the foot of ilarsh Market and corner of Light and Pratt streets. In Beiair Marfcet at six o'clock: also at Cro8- street Market every WEDNESDAY EVE IN eat 3 o'clock, and at Fell's Point Market EVEIir EitlDAY XIGHT at eiirht o'clock. rrayer -Meeting irom ro 1 ciock.

Toni.B Mens Meeting every SATL'iiDAY iilGHT at eizht o'clock. babbath Afternoon Meetinz at half-past iocr elk. at tne lioonis 160 West Baltimore street. All are invited ladies and gentlemen. it.

Ty HEKE WILL BE A CAMP-MEETING ck-J HELD by the several Cliarjiea of the M. E. Churches of the city of Baltimore of the Washington conference, namely: Sharp Street, Asburv, Orchard ftueei. jonn nesiey, mil 1 street ana nesiern Chapel, to commence on the tfith of August, lu Mr. Haslup's Woods, about lyi miles from Annapolis Junction.

We respectfully invite all Christian denominations to mute with us. XiEV. BEN J. BitOWil. P.



rj iXaetimoue camp. The BALTIMOr.E CAMP-MEETING WILL COMMENCE August 10th, and continue until thf! following Friday week. Angnut and be held In the WOODS ot JOHN V. GOKK. ou Baltimore Circuit.

TheCauipwill be on the line of the Western Maryland Kaiiroad. which pabsen directly through the Woods. The Committee bus made full and complete arrangements with the Kaiiroad Company for passengers at 1 the rouud trip. All Ttnl tkinliirigt free. The Woods will accommodate from 500 to 600 Tents, and is beautifully shaded by oripujal forest trees.

The ground has a very pentle slope, and is remarkably adapted to the ease of putting up tents. The supply oi Water is from what is known in the neighborhood aB the "Big Spring," and distant from the Circle SW) feet, yielding a supply or pure cold water of abont 20 gallon per minute. All Christians are invited to lent with us, and to meet the Committee on the Ground. July Znh, TO SELECT TENT LOTS. SPECIAL.

NOTICES. fyjTHE HE.MBKI1S OF ST. PATRICK'S BEN K-Lk5 F1C1AI. SOCIETY are requested to attend the Annual on MONDAY, the lHth Instant, for the ELKCTTON OF OEF1CEKS for the ensuing year, at o'clock P. M.

lf PAKBY MAHQy, Secretary. lY" YOL'NG CATHOLIC'S FKIEND SOCIETY will hold their first (Quarterly Meeting, under the amended constitution, on TO-llOHHOW (Sunday) EVENING, at 8 o'c'ock, at St. Alphonstis Hall, Saratoga st. It. H.

GOLDSMITH. President. E. X. Ward.

Kecording Secretary. 'it ry-'HESCUE LODGE. No. 83. KNIGHTSOE PY-Lt THIAS.

The members are earnestly requested to attend the meeting on WEDNESDAY EVENING, July 20th. at 3 o'clock, as business of importance will be brought before them. By order. It JOHN II. P1UCK.R.

S. fr-iJB. O. U. A.


M. will bo held at Powhatan Hall, southeast corner Bond and Pratt on THIS (Saturday; EVENING. July 18, atH o'clock. J. ADAM SOHL, lt State Council Secretary.

ry-58T. GEOIiUES SOCIETY. The Quarterly IKJt Meeting will be held at Guy's Monument House, ou MONDAY' EVENING, the Instant, at 8 o'clock. JAMES BKLDEN. Sec y.

JHi-at. fv- GOICOUKIA GHAP.DS, C. It. -A" CO. LKi According to General Order No.

82 vou will assemble THIS (Saturday) EVKNING, at 8 o'clock, armed and equipped. By order. T.8PIOEK CUKLETT, 1st Lieut. Com'de. CnA.

Orok.v, Mrst ltt r--oTFlCKALTI MOitK ASSOC I AT10NKOH US THE IMPKOVEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF THE POOK, A statod meeting of the Board of Managers will be held In this office, 2 Wwt Fayette utreet. east of lloludiiy, on MONDAY EVENING NEXT. July lHth, at o'clock. Jitt-mt nr5TII15 YOUNG CATlfoLIC t'UlENn)SrS( LkJ (T ETY will hold the llrst Quarterly Meeting, as prescribed by the amended Constitution, TO-MOKKOW, (Sunday,) July 17, at 8 o'clock P. at KAlNE'tt HALL, corner of Postolllce avenue and Baltimore struct, entrance on Postolllce avenue.

By order of IL II. GOLDSMITH, M. 1., Pre-lrteut. fkank x. If? Kecording Secretary.

SPECIAL NOTICE. KOTICE The Muniliera of tl, CITY ZOUAVES are hereby notllled to atlen'l a meeting oo NEXT MON DA IGHT, at o'clock. All young men between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five wishing to Join an Independent company, can do no by calling at No. Ill MOlflll HOWARD bTUEET any nurht. W.

T. CONNELLY, Captain. JoiiH DtuniN'o, Becretm-y. if I HO! HO! It-J LOOKOUT KOIt THK KK.OOND cl*tAND ANNUAL PICNIC of the hl'ON KCIJ'j TKIt to be held at DAIII.EY PA UK, on MONDAY, July 1H.0. The flxccllent OIll.ION BAN lor the occasion.

Adiialot, jlSKfl LOT HALL OK MAHYLAND lNbTITIli i i tor make the contcmnlnted Hi i ll tii alt. active, the formation of an "Art Gallery" I intended. The uiiilcralKiied iib-notiimlitcii, charged with tho reucltully aollcll the loan of Palotliiga that may be In the j.o.i-,irii gentle. men ol tlila city. A compctnin eillat will he e-lected to arrange for the bent erti-cl and earn of tha amft.

and rigid rules enforced tor their In eanrvallofi. A special Insurance will alao tin eltccted, and every tiling iowibia done for the eatlnractlon of thomi who liiRVdcalre to lienellt an Inatltiitloii thathaadous and la doing Imiiii-aaurablr good In thla cutiimiiully. I'ni'ttealonel artiata, with the fulical privilege of ad-vertlaeinent and will nml my an lii.fiicmiiMil lor Ihclr hl'neiit irforta, Dcalcra, alao, ate to amid their choice apeclmcna. Cotriiiiiiiilr atlona, atating value and apac required, will be limiieiU-atcly anawernd. 'lo Ihia oonimlltBe-bnaliliei lalntlug, nnlptiira, and everything of a kindred naiiim la aaalgnad Ihe charge or anything capahla ol "ducouialng eiooiimit iinalc, aim aa all of htciIori r.n ouo lollng have.

It la hopcl, imen leruoved. tl.t-y Cruet llial an appreciation the dealre of the Itoanl i.f Managnia to meet tlie viewa ami leuent the ai Linens of Baltimore uiay be eahlhlted by allhciat reapouae, AddioBi, the COMMITI EE 0 riNK A UTS AND MIIH10, mai h. II. 'i iiAYfcit, C. l.KWIS litM.Al' Jyltt'it! JoIlN I), Qll INC f.

compa oKiTik77 IMEN I', M. N. (.. Every iiieiuhar of aaid company la hereby notlned lo return ail Anna, E'ltilpineiiU and Cinlforma t.cloiiglug in ilia Mtaia of Maryland lu 407 I (J 1 uH ftliiEEl', Wealof Bchroeiler, by the till llial. Ail meinheia tailing roniplf with tha above Older will be dealt with i.ih.m lu law.

11 orders tiuiu lleauj.uai lm. Jos, K. BAUGHMAN', fy--i-HEAiii4UAUlElU ftfil IEGf.MHG'r" I- July iii. lail) I GEMEItALOllliEltaNo.14 i Th offlceia and u.en of the Itegiiuent will assemble lu rumens' dices at tha Arinoi on Ba si.

Punctual aUtudance rcuulied, lis command of MAJOli LiiNEY. Thomas A. biaiTii, 1st IJeut Adjt. H6 trr I1KADQU AllI'EHS. TU Hidi-THTti'.

(T, iiALiiMoaa, July 15 Itfiu. men of tha reirlmciit can lum-iir. li.ui. 1 he E(UlFMEt ll by epi.iviug at the Armry any lime during baiurday. Jul Iflili, ol Monday July lMii By Oldet of EhCAMI'MEliiT COM Ml '1 EE.

JU. all nrT NOTICE -The members of Ihe I JOI.H III At7 Lkf iion.iiNu Asaiici a i ion otr tAsr bal- 1TMOHE No. 1. will meet lu Si. Petih.k a bchuol Idioms, Bioadway, el ths Uauai hour, ou MONDAY EVrMNU, hub ikc Il' THOMAS Presl'luiit.

fY" MONEY TO IXJAN -The ASHlUY 111111.1? kJ lhG Annuel A IIOM will make a I.oau o( Mouey ou MOKDAY July Inili. at 6 1'. at the oilice of (be Secretary, bi Paul atieet A. hfcWfcl.L, Pieiidcnt. ItCTiRT.r W.

flown, Seirciary. d.n.atr r-AII pcraons Inlmested lu the for-'ik-t niatioii ofa NEW BliH.iilNG ASOIiCMTMitl i alter the plau tit tha Iral Mutual l.alidloida' Aaao-ciaU'ift are ruiUC4ind lo meui im Tli iaitiuiayi --EVENING, (h- lni. intin.l, ai at Ai iii 'atriuig'a Hall, coiner of I I.dir nun Moiiiiioun.1 an ecu. Iiy oi dur ol tut CUM Jill tt UST PUBLISUED. A MOST ENTEETAININfJ JESOOK FOB BUMMEB, X( KEAJJING.

THB SOUTH, ur vi.tTQ. A neat lBmn. volume, beautifully bound, price tl or Bent free by mail oa receipt of For sale by KELLY. P1ET 171 and 176 Baltimore Baltimore, And Booksellers generally. Jj" IC1IOLSON, (SuocxBSon to W.


and aupplled on the moat favorable teriua. A choice anieollon of Bl.A Lfc'ITEK and NOTK PAPER, EN VE1A)PES and STATION-: FRY eonstantly fm hand. Htibacriptlona to- any MAOAZISK or NEWBPA-I'E received and pnnntillu ttf lernl. The flattering patronage heretofore. etended to this Estalillahnient is respectfully eollolled, and we pledge lo endeavor to merit Its Jy ift-at' ELECT AND MAT KMAT IC AL SCHOOL, Kill H) oiiriiAtm aaai maiis(n a vknvk.

lion row. gratluato Weal point: Jl. W. irrr. A.M., Ilnlvmsii of Vs.

Opens Hnpt. Clrcn-lrs at llookstoros. Address rRINClPALH. No. I lit.

Paul street, 1m' I JEMBitOKE CIKIOL H)U HO I I'll AND 11)1 MAI'IMiV AVKVCR. A KNGI.Ml.CLAtMcA AND COMMERCIAL rNKITTI.1 ION. JAMES KIN EAIt, A. principal, aided by Professors of rpti Ititlorc Reopens MON DA M-ptembtr Thormgh tructiori, New Htilldliijf Ktonlvs Play ground and couipieti) Gi imunliiiu, feruis by of students. Age ill admlsalon from seven ti nlfictccn.

For adinltuiion ai.ply at the Sch''J on and af Hit A u-gust, itli fom II to it clock, dally, Circular with refnriiiicit and detail at all and th Hchool. 'litA liciiooi, vi it yViYiVo of tiie 11 BIS TEltllOOH I IIP, GOOD HHP.HHP.Hll OP HIP, Jf.riHCOl'A Cm.PCH Thl 'in tha southwest coro'f of KranHlri ri'joarfc. Halt. mora, will REOPEN OS 11 II, iki'i. 1 itriua l'r Hoard and Frinish 'I "(Hon ts srinorn.

Tar ma for per annmi, I 'triiafor Day piipln, Mlddll tons's. 'inrma ltt Day J'opiu p'iT Ahr.nrh Special attention pall pi Application to l. miula fore r.Ef'TF.MBKI! I4T. lo i lie hiainr la iiarire at n. Cut; iU.II U'isf, A JNJMilMAUY.

iiroalway, and after hot 1Vt at hl ki Jdlm Wo. IT W'HtH liaiGm'ir. p. HaI.C HT, IAIt'r) fXiCKir, WAItYf.ATff). Thl Mcbool.

widen data froiri toe midgut ol th laal i.notorir, has Jual coiuiletud a jrcac of JUbat ua-f atiiitea and foi rtillft avrotn of Wh! ngtoa. U. C. by dally load coach. The varloua dcpartmenU o.rnbrari an 4 Mgimr Engllab fct'i'liea.

lAtln, Greek, epanhui a ad XU.ta.ry wl'n arma. Neitacaalon xt.tnd from S'h the end of January. HorPig aselon from Ut of teli-ruary to theaexmd frl'tay lu Joiy. Jn rviiMs(uiie4if fetal dona'lvn. fc'iard and Tuition are.

reduced to about oi. La.I the baui rates, vtz: tn 'drrirr'j'. No extra charge, excopt for Ftetch anA flptri. "icach per o. 1 PROPOSALS.

WOOI AND will ba re ccived up to i o'clock noon.T If LTtSDAY, OK THE P.ALTIMOMH ASSOCIATION OR THE IMPliOVEMKNT OK TIIE CONDITION OF Tiik. POOit, No. 241 FAYKI1K STREET, west of Gay, for supplying the Association with 800 COP.DS OF PRIME OAK WOOD AND 'IONS OE 8UNBOEY COAL, best quality. No. 3, 2 MO pounds to the ton.

The Wood most be well seasoned, sound and etraijht; the Coal well screened and free from lrrrpunties. No proposition for less than 100 Cords of Wood or 100 Ton of Coal will be considered. The Wood and Coal to be delivered to the Carters of the Association in such quantities, during the months of October, November, December, 1870, and January, Eebrcary, March and April, 1871. each, as may be called for ia the Agents' orders, and will be paid for monthly, as delivered. Proposals must state from what rlace the Coal and Wood will be delivered.

The Committee reserve the right to reject any or all tbe Proposals. -Addres9 EUEL COMMITTXE, No. 2 It "WEST FAY'ETTE STREET. Z. D.

BRASHEARS. Secretary. CITY COMMISSIONS n'S OFKICE. Baltimoh. July lltb, 1870.

SEALED PROPOSALS wiil be received at this Oilice until the at 10 o'clock A. tor the GRADING, CURBING and PAVING of all that part of BARNES STREET between Broadway and Ann St. The Contractor or Con tractors will be required to enter into Bond, with approved security, conditioned for the Grading, Curbing and Paving, aforesaid to be executed in strict accoraance with the requirements of the Ordinance "Establishing a system for GradUig, Paving aud Repaving the streets, lanes aud. alleys of the city of Baltimore." By order. GEO.

P. WOODWARD. jti-eo3t' Clerk to the City Commissioner. NlYKKSiTY OF VIRGINIA, OFFICE OF FROCTOR AND SUPERINTENDENT, July if iii. 1870.

PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED at this Ortice, until 1st day ol August, for the delivery at the University Switch of SEVEN HUNDRED TONS BEST ANTHRACITE COAL, viz: S00 ton Red Ash, for Grates: 350 tons White Ash, for Stoves, and tons small Egg or Nut Coal, for Morning Glory Stoves. Delivery to commence In September aud extend through the autumn. Ton of 2,210 aad payments made by railroad vt J. FEYTON, ll-6tj Proctor and Superintendent.

WILL BE RECEIVED for four days for purchase of the ICE-CREAM AND CONFEC TION STAND or tne wooauerry, cupper tnaii Washington Bundny School Kxcursioa to Wh Rock aud Annapolis, FRIDAY. Julv 1S70. For further particulars apply to COMMITTEE, Wood-berry Postotiice, either personally or by letter. U-3t 11 TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS 1 KOPOSALS are Invited for furnishing RAI1S, til-q ci.tu-L k. Oat Vji.V L'l 11.1.,,, IVI 1 .1 Calverton aud Powhatan Railroad.

For BiteciOca-tions apply to JAS. A. OAKY, Presluunt, 1 2-5 1 8 (lermttii strcut. FOR SALE. SALE Several FOOT LATHES, SLIDE RESTS, CHUCKS, Ac, two Foot Lever Presses.

Bench Shears.Gas F'ltter's Dies. Vises. T. SHANKS, Sewing Machine Dealer, Repairer and Patent Bobbin Winder Mauuiacturer, coiner Lombard and Sharp street. lfi -u (J ATTENTION.

SHOEMAKERS. OHLLING OFF STOCK OF LEATHER ANT) SHOE FINDINGS, to close business, at NORTH 11 IGH one door from Gay. Jl(i-3tl. 1,1 OR SALE BY RYAN K1CKETTS, Type Found-. ers.

114 West Baltimore street, one large and powerful SCREW PRESS, suitable for Frame Manufacturers; will be sold cheap. We will take this occasion to inform Printers, Book Binders, Stationers, that we are agents tor thu celebrated Mluurva aud Franklin Paper Cutters. Also the RuKgle Card Cutter. Call aud examine them. lfr SALE A good NIGHT TAUT.

Apply to WILLIAM FISCUER.No.aft York street. SPRING DRAY FOR SALlXNeiirly new. run but six mouths. Inquire ut 41 aud -13 NORTH PACA STREET, jll-tift OLD NEWSPAPERS. By the 100 or 1.000.

for sale at Ur! THE COUNTER OKE "fHS TJN." Jtir FOR SALK CHEAP A YACHT about S3 fTiM. feet long. Also BOATS of all descriptions. THOMAS BKADYUOUSE S-l-t South Caroline street. JO-eoht'J Wa FOR SALK A BARGAIN 4 The flue STEAMSHIP MARY PAN.

FORD. ol12 7-100 ton burthen. Apply to J.fd. G1RV1N SON, 1 14-Kt No. Spear' wharf.

Tlie side-wheel Stuanicr A LICK. 'iron bull. '00 feet on deck, now run- lpl between Port Deposit and Havre da Grace, lu complete ruiiutng order. For particulars apply to D. VAN NEMAN.

J2 liiiq i PnH Depoalt. MORI'GAOEK'S SALE f3 OK A FARM IN BALTIMORE" COUNTY. By virtue of the imwois conferred by Deed of Mortgage from Isaac Winchester and wile to Huuben M. Ihirsuy, dated the day of December, A. I.

ami among thu Mortgage Records of B.ilii. mora county in Liber G. 11. C. No.

folio 23. the tindorslgiied. aa Mortgagee, lu iiccordanoa with the provisions of article ill of the Code of Public General Laws of Maryland relating to Mortgasea, will sell at AUCTION, at lite Court-house door, at TOWSONTOWN. on 8 A KDA tho Bth day of August, 1H10. at 12 o'clock ALL TlfAT TRACT OR PARCEL Of LAN I) situate and lying Hi Baltimore county, known as the LOUGH! It ARM, ami particularly described by metes nml bounds iu said duud ul mortgage, and containing uhout FOLK HUNDRED AND SlXTY-l 0 ACRES, more or less.

This Farm lies ou the North Point road, about 13 miles from Baltimore oily, and adjoins tliu lands of Henry Jones aud Samuel 11. Cover. Thu It arm Is now iu possession of John Todd. 'The IMPROVEMENTS consist of a TWO-STORY FRAME 1Y KLlrTNG 1IOUS1C. Willi atllu, Ui'etl BARN, anil other necessary Outbuildings.

Terms nl sale: Oiie loui th cash, ami the balance in threa itial liistulliiients, payable, wall Interest, at six, twelve and eighteen mouths from the day ot sale; or all cash, at the option of Ilia purchaser. REUBEN M. PoRfiKY, Mortgagee. MACHKN. G1TTINGS and Mt'lN Tosll, 1 i Attorney lor Mortgiigee.

NOTICK, JOUDON PARK. CEMETERY COMPANY', a ltimohm, July 14, 170. LOT HOLDERS and persona visiting the Cemetery will be furnished with tickets of adinlllauce by applying ut the oilice of the Company, No. 4 SOUTH HOI.1.IPAY BTREKT. 4 IAN OF COMMh'RCK.

lUl.TlMttKK, July 13. 1870. The following gentlemen were on Monday last eleciud imifcCT'OUS OF THE BANK. OF COMMERCE, vli: KDWAKIY CHURCH. JOHN F.


Al.l.STON A. PERRY. THOMAS KURTi TURNER. WILLIAM HAND BROWNE. At a meeting ot tha Board held on yesterday, JAMES W.


IlkAUTl r'UL TAR, for Healing Par-l lore aud Chamber above. Tha people have declared In layer ol our STAR aa being tho beat Fireplace Siov in lbs market. Now la the lime to buy. in the summer prepare for winter. If you put yd' until the last day, many will bo disappointed.

COLLINS HEATH, iJy'Hr Light street. 1a LARGE ASSOUVMENT. GUNS, RIFLES, PISTOLS. bpin ling Apparatus, Auiniiiiilllon. aud Material for Gnu Maauia, wholuaalo aud retail.

Gnus made to order or repaired in best manner, ft I SOU HI A I kl( I BalUiuora, Kstahlished IrtiS. (lAWtMltllir ALEXANDER MeCOMAS. Nl AUiili'S UAOIUAL CURE TRUSS. for Ihe cm ul Rupture. Improved liu, pel ylous Ti uase.

spring will not rust. Abdominal Hiiiuioi lers. Pile Truss. Shiiiihiur llfaaea, bilk h. Issue Hiotikings, Knee Caps, Aukieieaud lusti iiuienui lor detormliiea.

Haitataetloa guaranteed, a. A lltill N. ft Holliday at. tAlr DAILY') VKN1TLATED lUliSS-Tll i anly 'lis lit lobe worm Abdominal Sup-ptii loi s. hla.Ue Htocgings, Knee I'apa and Ankleta, Sltuulder Braces.

Suaiiensorle. tit* latgast assoiTiueul ol burgloal Appllaucealu the oountiy. Ladies' Deparliuam a oompetent Lady lu attendance. W. F.

DAILY. No. 4 West ilaliliuora al. FOR SAN DOMINGO CITf. Tha Hark "NOW I II OOD" will sail for Ihe 'above port on or about the list lustaut.

Fob. freight or passage apply to itlcKKTTS A jltuft 7lSmitli' wUaif. 'THE Fc'UHTH AFTEl'N'OON 1 AND MOONLIGHT PICNIC OF THE EUKN'ST. CIIolK ASSOI I ATIOV take place TUESDAiY, tbo I'Jth, at HOST'S GAUDKNS. The Park Vill be brilliantly UluuiinatuJ at night.

'i'i-eoit CF.C'OND GUANO PROCESSION AND pTc.S'Itj OK THE JOUlOYMEN COOPEltS' UNION. No. The memliurs this Union are oruai-od to aesciublu at Heaauarter. CKN'TRAI, ll ALL. North Gay on MONT) AY.

lUi at six o'clock A.M., to march la Procession to tho lTcnlc Grounds. Greenwood Park. The President of the International Union will bo present, and it Is expected llial fvn-v member wiil be In hue. PAIJMJS JrALE. Prosllent.


flat lustalil. Every arran cement has been ellucicd to make it aa attractive attalr. Acostnmcr from Haiti more will supply a varietr of new costumes. 11 The Springs are reached by the Baltimore and Ohio and Winchester roads in a few hours, either niorniu or afternoon trains. Round trip tickets ftt good for five dsva.

K. C. JO It DAN. Proprietor. CSlTaNJJ sell uktzkn'f ks iV al OP Tilt! BAl.TTMOTtrT SCHUET71EV SOCIFTY, TO BE HELD AT TI1E1I! PARK, nv BELA1R AVENUE.

FHOM AUGUST STU TO iTH. is70. inclusive. The pnhlln are Informed that the ANNUAL FESTIVAL of the above Association will be liald st Ibti beautiful PAKE, on BE LA I It AVENUE, beginning MONDAY. August h.

ami continuing lor live days, ending FRIDAY EVEN ING, Augiitt IJlh, Every preparation ha been niaile lo make thl Festival one of enloymrnt to the visitors, and no pains will be spared by the Executive Committeo tt mnke urrma. In point of amusem*nt and good order, any piavinua Fcst val given bv the Socluiy. 1UE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. JTl-t A3 KE' UAJ f. Secret arr.

"sLMMEirRfisoHT.r.-iTai MF.Ti:' HOTKI A'A'lf YORK. RfcWCCTION IN PRICKH. On tl.a t.rica of 1 wlii F'Ji-K jrdav. Jitrtio. SIMhi'N I.KI.ANH a 1').

A JIG' SC. '-fKQ vs. A fev mr' iijiu.l WwA ant at I oi.t iA K'iv ll. MAV.

It 1 1. i.iiA"A Al''-. lr-. vtM a "TlM'lf li' il 1 it Mi. A a- iLK a kit' I v.rOrlr.'it.iL.v i-ei m-t.

w.Ji a lia; t- r-ir ii V.j A.a.j CG'J 1 TVs ia ii -OX T. tr: at iio-y. CEStilAL llOCaat. tourer Ir.c-tws od Ai.i ir avMJae. ATLAN fi'.

CiTl. N. ii- ic.s i aat rta-', Ijum iu 'xm. t. juA.

race? aai r( jxav.ei thranraout. 1 con co lie te a Iu central rjosrtnvm to 4 at. a-id Bathing GrvucTs ir.a it a tlttn-i: eurp atta to.i. 1 alLLY. Jj-itnr Pr a.

CAMbl.lLi: x.V MAHVLASI). IlT-ji2 aa exteajive anl re-- tii: wcl-icaovn Hjtei. we are nw realy to accoci-ndare our patron by t-e 'lay. w-'.

or month. Term lo tsui taa time. iats 'i csrn daiiyfrom nor audNeaVorg. Iror ttaiiiit 1raa UEXNETT BKOfllErt'. P'Op-lettr.

a OCEAN CM? CAPE MAY. NKW Jtit*EY. ITZSLI Th: favorite first elas Faa.i!f )tcl. with auditions! bnie-ltke comforts ana attricttoas.

will be BKOPENEDoo JCNE lM'H. Terma tl per week. AppHeation to be made to LYCETT A S.WS YE IS. Cape ay. New Jersey.

"BIOCK.I0N HOTEL." CAPE MAY, N. is now opon for tne reception or cnests. Music under the direction of i'koi'. CiiAKLUa IL DOOWORTH. Terms 50 per dav.

or t)8 per week. Dl'r FV. Proprietor. Foruieriy of the Continental Hotel. 'ZT-lnH Philadelphia.

iljra SEA-GIKT HOUSE. T'fT EQAN VILLAGE, NEW JEUSEY. This esRl1e Watertne Place I now open for the reception of (ruests. Take the ulockl' M. iralu from Walnut Street Whart, Philadelphia, to Farming-dale, where carriages will be In wailiu lo couvcy you to the Rouse.

Terms moflerale. C. GABUK IboN, Proprietor. Refers to Pm Lrproui.LAiM. Baltimore.

1 1 -1st sea bathing: sea bathing: cobb's island. ia OrF.N AND BEADY Foi! V1SITOH3. TERMS $3 per Day; per eek. Address COBB Bltt I'll KISS, Cherrystone, Va. Steamer from Baltimore or Norfolk Cherrystone.

jit liu' TUAVEI.EHS WHO PTOPOVFlt A'T AlililSBFltO, FA WILG FIND BOLTON'S HOTEL Coach at the Depot, which will convey them lo the nouse at tne centre ot tne city, awe) noui me confusion about the depot and return them any departing train without charge tor roach, ami Is thu only free conveyance, for I'as-toigcrs and at llamsburi GEO, J. BOLTON, Proprietor. CAPE MAY. MFKl'H A NTS' HOTEL. WILLIAM MASON resttectiullv announce that he iiascomnletelv remodeled and renovated thu MEUCHAN IS' HOTEL al Cape Island.

'The Hotel ia eiluamd close to th Beach. The Sieeplnit Apartuicnta are furnished with line Spring Matrcaoos. sow orsx. Room can be securetl in advance. Terms 50 per day: 1H per week.

iv? s.w rt( SWEUT SPRlNiis. MONKOE COUNTY. WEST VHIGIN'IA. This delichU il Watnrlinr Kcsort, favorv biv known as the Gid Sweet," an I fsmous lor Cm wonderful Medicinal Properties of Its Waters, I open for the AVrrwi. The location.

J.chi feet above tha sea level, with tine, cool mountain air and mosluuj. niflcent scuuerv. toireiher wlIU two extensive llatUa, supplied with Mineral Waterfront Spriuis that rise in the llnths at a Cmporatare of decrees, render Sweol" tha most attractive resort In ihe United States. Hotels. Cuitsires and Ball Room ILLUMINATED BY GAS.

A suitable Livery In connection with the Springs. Telegraph communication It) overv part of thu world. BOARD per Day, f3: month, 1 JOHN T. WILSON. JlTtAl' Manacpr.

iWAlt.U SlTUNCS. 1SATU tuu.Ml, I-T This celehrated WATEHINO TLACR uo A opuu. The scenery Is grand and besiuilul; the climate deliirhtuil, salubrious and InviKoratlnst. These waters have been known ami celebrated lor their curative virtues for nearly a century. Route by Mllboro', on Chesapeake ami Ohio railroad, thouco by Blasa TUtcca mile to tho Springs.

Board per month. Will send pamphlets on at plication. W. li. McDANNALD, Agent.

bince this announcement 1 have ui'ide arriurrt-ments to aid in the management of Hie WAIt.M SITtlNGS. My connection with and imiuaucmnot of the Hciillint Sprint: tor three successive season will, I trust, be a guarantee to iny Iricud of a cordial and hospitable welcome. The public are rui.iiested to try once more tills favorite old Waterlni: ITuce. Jy-Min? JNO. L.

Fl BANK. A CAl'ON fTBT HAMI'SIUUE COUNTY, 1- 'ME 1 WEST VIKGIN1A. The im-ge and commodious Hotel nt litis well-known summer resort will ba OPENED ON THK FlttsT DAY OF JUNK for the reception or visitor. BOAUD WILL BK HEDUCEU from the usual rates to $ill per month of four weeks, 1J per week, ami fi bo per day, as an inducement to tiimllies jud other to make tt their borne for tbe summer. The duality ol the water, health of tha place, scenery, Is well known.

Those not acquaiute with theplsce cau prooura descriptive pamphlet of Messrs. COLJcM AN Koukks, Drutielsts, No. li.l West Baliliuors street, at any of the principal hotel In Baltimore, or by addressing the (iihseriber. Those desirhiif can take the train leavlnar Camden Statiou, llalllmore, at K.4D to Winchester, thence by starts to the Sprlnea the same tluv: or. If nreterrln.

c.u conliiuie ou tho railroad, which has been completed to Capon, at which place coiu-fonable Concord coaches will bo in attendance to convey thein to the Sprlnga. a distance of li iiiiiu. over a graded road, In time lor early tea. N. M.

CAltTMEI.L. Proprietor. N. B. Good Music, for Ball-Room aud Lawn, will bo In attendance.

Ivi-lm A ASWEET CHALVBEATK td'HINGS, Va, W'TXt'T POKMICMl.V KMOWV AS lnvi RED SWEET SPRINGS. This famons place Is now open for the reception ol visitors. The place Itself is too well known to need any description. The whole valley Is one of tbo loveliest Iu Virginia, aside from its Improvements, and tbe Bed Sweet Water 1 probably tbe finest tonic, tioih extoriially aud Internally, In the United States. it nas now conveniences lor an Kimis oi natmntr hot.

cold, shower ami plungo baths according to the taste id the bather It has tour or live dilft-reut kinds of Spring within a lew hundred yards, and (he Chalybeate ones so saturated with Iron a lo be rolling It out lu Hakes continually. Descriptive pamphlets may be bad on application to Coi.KMiN Rouaus, Balumore, or the propltslor, al the Springs. 1 eicgrtipn ana l'ostoiuces on me irrounus. Term $3 per day. siSper week, '15 per month.


OAKINOTON. MARYLAND, PHILADELPHIA. WII.NiTnOTON AND BALTIMORE RA1LKOAD. FROM JULY IST11T0 THE S3D, 1S70. Pasaenfter Train to the above Camp will be run a follow, dally, (except Sundays,) during tho Meeting; FROM BALTIMORE.

At 1 A. Arriving at Camp at 8 50 A. M. 8.40 P.M. P.M.

(1.10 B.43 IthTLTtN TRAINS. At 8.1S A. Balumore at A.M. iVsil 1 8 it. P.

M. 8. 8 10 11.111 10.S0 ROUND TRIP TICKETS, good to return durln tbe continuance oi the will bosoIdaiONK. DOLLAR AND FJFTx CE lij. General Agent.

CARHIACES, HOUSKS, Ate. CARRIAGES. For aalo, a large assortment ol" new and second-hand CAR. IllAUESofall description, at loss than cost for cash or approved paper, at my Repository. so ii ill Calvert st.

WM. MoCAN'N. toii'r FOH SALE. Bay MARK, four veara sound, works In all harness, will be oIrj cheap. Can tie seen at BROWN'S HOTEL.

119 North High streut. r-TJiT', AT, No. NORTH GREEN ST. voo Jican alway bcsulted with SPKCTACLKS anil Eye Glasses, selected from a largostock of ever, variety. satisfactorily.

TOBIAS.OpFlclau. e4-liii 5 SOUTB A RLES ST. (OlrAluTr5a StALr.S tutr, WAItltANTRD. ts 1 Alanufaclured by J1S MAR01C1, IT t-vl Z.r it tr le C-t su Tn OtTtt PlAce of Amusem*nt ope 3 Cheap Prices and a Orst-class EnieiUiilSleo. A A'ttcVSM Immense and Unprecedented Success 01 th Can-Can-Knurelv Cun-Can Entirtly Aeie.

Introdncinn Twelve Beautiful Tableans. lntrodaclne Twelve Beantif a Tab eaus. Introdacing Twelve Beautiful Tableaua. -Voluptuous Groupings of Intoxicating Beauty. Tht Hungarian Ballet.

By the Court of Beauty Ballet Troupe. Also Our Great Variety Company in New Negro Acts. New Farces and Iew Burlesques. Pacttic Gatosv, Uo. 1 North street An Immrnte Proirramme for SatitrdavXight.

Appearance of Baltimore's Favorite, iiisa Julia Mat. Engagement of sfrss FissT FLOFFsnt. The St. Louis laense. Miss Elmore.

Mis Emma Devere, Keys. Paul Keyscr, Tommy Kyan, Billy Kelly. The place nnder G. Ncuias'9 management. Silver Cornet Band ia attendance.

Come one. come a'l. to the Cool 1'iace, Pacific Gibpiv. A Ssasoxabli FAVtLT Rkmkot. Cholera Morbus.

Summer Complunt, Colic, Sour Stomach. 1H-arrhea and all Aifecnona of the Bowels incident to tbe season, are cured at once by Dr. Jatnb's Car. hisatite BaLP.h. It allays the irritation and calms the action of the stomach, and being pleasant to the tate.

is readily taken Dy childreo. while It may be ptven with enure safety to infants, it yet acts promptly and thoroughly, when administered according to directions, to either chiidrea or aduiu. Sold by ail Druigiit. Da. Bam vx'9 Vis abli Tikct rii, By Its mild action oa tbe stomach, liver and the kidneys, will cure Pvsaensia.

Courh. Asthma. Brvn- chi.U and Luna Affections 1'ains in the Back, Side and Breast. Consampuon. foroful.

Kheomattstn. Gont. Neuraiiia, Fisralv Flies, Bowel Complaint. Warms and Nervous Debilities, and ail disease of Females. Prica 1.

or iv boti'iea t. Foriilebv SiTii a. Hasck, 10S Balamora street. AI3! 0P AlB 8 TH AS PHYSIC, SAT 1KXTHJSS. Children's Heal-Ji-Kestorirs CaTriasrea.

AU Vis HesL. A.t Im Euttttie fictot prices at Viouumks iilJTBs.T'! Children" Carr-laje lVpov o. $ontb dlaJiss street, bet weea Bal timore and eruiaa sa. 9 A 1 S3: SS: 2 P. 4 P.

SS. P. SlAKUiKD. FArrn on the s. of iv.

at John Cherub, tv the Kev-. Father Xlorcan. DriilW FAiTH toMiiS MAKT IHKiiIS, both of this city. (New York aaJ Fhiiaielflii papers piraae copy 1 LLSON CHOSHAtV, On the lf.h instant, bv the Kev. S.

Wf.ton Frost, KOBEitr WlIiON to si Ji ANN. darhter ot Wm. Crcshaw, all of tcs city. WHfciKLEit VALSMINt-n Jnlv Tth. at the Methodist Protestant Parsoniee.

Liaht street. BA-iiniore. by iiar. Ja ues loniron. thSlu'X M'HEEEES to Miss MAriY Fl.l.VX VALilN TiNK, bota oX Balumore city.

iForiiiaouth i Norfolk papers piiicopy. I'AlGEit. On tbe 15ih Instant. LETITTA. are-J 12 c-oiti and la oars.

triVct and only daajtiiter of Fracc-s A. and Rate K. Paier. Tte an-i friends of the fa-nUy are resrect-fally invited to attend the funeral oa to-morrow oandav) afternoon, at naif-cast one o'eiocjt. from No.

West Fayette street. IKjYLK. Juiv 15th. ADELP. in'at daazhter of Samuel B.

Bc-sa Boyle, ased mcntus and 13 davi. The friends and acquaintance are respeeUaily re-nested to attend her funeral this i Saturday moru- lcz. at ten o'clock, without farther notice. tUijiif. Alter a iiarenc; illness, on the I4tn Instant, JOHS tOSSETT.

in the iit'n year of his ace. iiis irieiia? ana me tnen oi tne lamny are re-ftcifuiiv ir. Titei to attend his Inneral on to-morrow Suniiy afternoon, at four o'clock, from his late residence. No. 61 South Caroline street.

The Association of Defenders, of wiiich he was a uiernter. are respectfully icvite-1. also the officers of the William Tell Lod2 and Schiller Encampment. I. O.

O. F. UOLI.EK. cm Eridiy mormcr. at one o'clock, of heart disease.

JOHN hi'J leaviisr a widow and four children. The relatives and Incurs are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, winch takes place this (Satur- dayj afternoon, 1-nn msract. at one co*ck, irom me residence No. 60 Camden street. HAMILTON.

On the Sin "WILLIE EDGA14. in the ad year of his age: also, on the 10th instant, JOHN UEMtT. aged months, children of Jacoo ana A.aura liaciiiioa. Our children, they are gone To dwell with angels hitt'nt God took them to His heavenly home. Far up above the sky.

J. H. L. The friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend his funeral this (Saturday) anernoon, at four o'clock, from his parents' residence, o. KU at Monument street.

Mccox. suddenly, on Friday, 15th dei i ik MAX A. wife of Col. Harry McCoy, and daughter of the late Alden Greene, of Warwick county, Va. lllicluuond and Noriolk papers please copy.

Funeral services will be held at ft. Paul's Chnrch tl" is (Saturdays atternoon. at half-past four o'clock. rienus or tne lamiiy are requestea to atteua. 8U.MEP.LOTT.

Uii the morning of the if.tli Instant, at one o'clock, FKEDEitlCK. bOMEitLOX i', asel SI years. Kone knew him but to love him, Kuue named him but to praise. Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb. Take these new relies to thy trust.

And give this aared treasure room To slumber In the silent dnt. Bis friends and those of the family are remeetfullv Invited to attend his funeral this (Saturday) afternoon, 16th lnstaut, at five o'clock, from the residence of his brother-in-law, oa boratoga street, west of Strieker. IliEULEIB. Suddenly, on the 15th instant, J. M.

TKEULK1B. aged years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully limited to attend his funeral on to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon. 17th instant, at three o'clock, from his late residence. No.

11 Knaor street. WKIGHT. On the niorninz of the ltith with the blissful hope of everlasting life beyond the grave, MOLL1E dearly beloved wife of F. Wright, and fourth daughter of Wliliain It. Buiiieuon, of Baltimore county.

Md. Her funeral will take place this CSatm-day) afternoon, lGth instant, at four o'clock, from the residence of her sister, E. f. ltidgeiy. No.

10 North Washington street, without further notice. E6TELEV. On the Uth of July, after a short but painful illness. FBEDEliiCK in the 43th Lear of his age. learest husband and father, remembered ever by us all.

How oit at midnight hour we will think of thee; And when we raise our aching head To the sad remembrance that thou art dead. by ins DACorrrFw. FAIKBAKK. On Friday, Jnly 1st, ANlUfelW infant son of A. J.

and that late Annie E. Fair-bank, aged 4 months and 8 days. FOKD. On Wednesday, March 23d. 1ST0.

after a lingering Illness of consumption, EMILY. youngest daughter ot the late Benjamin Fold. papers please oopy.l GHOSS. On the 5th Instant, In Savannah. LOUIS E.

UKOS3. or Baltimore, in the year of his acre, liequn-scat In pace. LA WliENCE. On the 9th Instant, at tbe residence of John F. Letich.

In the With year of her age. Mrs. SAKAli A. LAWiiFNCK, consort of the late George W. Lawrence, of Calvert county.

In lull assurance of a blissful Immortality. (California and New York papera pleae copy. MCitfHT. On the 15th Instant. WILLIE, voune- est son of ltobert and Emma Murphy, aged 21 months.

"6uller little children to come unto me: lor of nnrh is t'e klnfhijn of Heaven." PETEHK1N. On July 13th. at Culpeper Conrt-Huuse, ufc'JliUE iniant son of Itcv. George W. and Cuusiauce i'eterlUn.

napers pleasu copy.j T1N3LEY. On Wednesday. June 59th. 1870. of cho lera infantum, oor little LL'CY'.

beloved child of Charles K. and Mary J. Tinslcy. 1 mouths. -leaves nave tneir time to laii.

And Do ers to iade; But thou bast all sca-ons For ttuue own. Ueath." WALKElt. Near on the 11th of July, EDWIN In his Wnh year. Washington city and Paris Ky.) papers please copy. LINKS TO THK MEMORY OT JAMKs E.O.

WOBTII I NOTOJf Who fell asleep in Juu lHth, 1S.U. Thou art gone, thou loved and loving one. In thy early manhood pnirie: While the flush ot youth Was bright and warm, lu tile's gay summer time. We ne'er may grasp thy friendly hand, Nur meet thy warm embrace; Nor see the lustre of thine eye. Nor gleet thy welcome lace.

Oh. how transient is life's pleasure, And our bniiUist hopes, how vain: Where shall mortals llud that comiort Which they toll IhrouKh Hie to t.W Listen! 'tis an angel speaking. Gently speakihg Words of love: Murtals. st-ek on earth no longer That which only dwells above. And sorrow hath o'er all thy friends, Now thrown Its wuywiird upell; We can say adieu! Lamented ouo iarewe.i.

ny a nmvr, b. z. I.EATn OF A BAI.TIMOnKAN Ii Kllnoi-K. JOHN G. MUhl.Lhi;, who lmt ben rf-sidlaglu the eastern auction of ihe illy for the past twelve yvnra left Baltimore about two moutlia uliice to visit Fu-roti" with a view of recruiting his health.

Ho died at iua birth-place at Uruimch, aftwr a short III-ncss ul about two weeks. He wo well known In the eastorn seullou of lljo city at a practical wuteh-mnknr aud Jeweler, aud was very highly respected by ail who knew him. Funeral sermon will be delivered by the Itev. J. IUmh on to-morrow (Htindnyj afternoon, at three o'clock, at the German Culled Krang.

Lutheran Church, ilia relative and (Vleuda are tiiTliea to attend. UKI.KilOUS I'ttKSIlVTRItl AN CIIIJUCll. L-3 1 lie Itev. Joiim McCoy will preach TG-Moib lXiVV(allaiii) at 11 A. M.and f.

M. or thk ascension." jMruV7tii IK3 There will be no htrytces In this Church Ii.M)KIM)VV. (bundsy.) )t" lftXH-iliJiU A WAVEUTIV ifALE, First UvJ loiigute, York by Itcv. J. II.

at 4 clock on HUN DAY AFTKUNoosf. It K. AVkN I R. ClUJacil XJt fiol I'll luv, u. Mii.v win lo-MuKHOW, at 10 -i o'clock A.

M. jt HAN CHAPEL, Prunklm -The Itev. J. A. Williams, 1'aator, will iirvaoli lO -MOUrtOW (Sunday; at 11 A.

M. aud at 8 V. M. Flltiif EM.I.1SH P.KroitMtl) CllbUCi AlvvulA No acrvica '1 All jltlti count of the aljaeiics 01 the putor, rTllOWAltUCHAI'ELM ClUIKCll AoljTlfT will preach To MoltUiiW, (auuday. at A.

No service In the aveulng. it" irr CUAliLES BlltEt't M. E. CilliUCil bcrvlces at 11 A. M.

and 8 preach morning and evening. Ox. Ei.h will fr-3-CENTIAL M. E. ftHUIlCIt W.UHI, tunureet, hear lUv.

J. W. Washiugtou cltv. will proarh TO-aloKUoW. at II o'clock A.

kl Kev. U. C. st a P. 'r fMKlWiiS AVkNUK MT'ETllUJitcTlT LkJ Preaching TO MOKltn I7ih lust at 11 A.

M. and P. by the Pulur. itev. im.

C.N. Bins. Beau free. UV nr EX El Eli STUEE'f M. E.

CIItIKCHT" I Li Preachiug on To-MOIIIto at 11 A. by Itev. Wk. Itli tLa, U. I) of New York, aud at I M.

by the 1'aator. Itev. W. If. Beca.

If? rr'l ATbWoUTH METiloUIST CHDluTH LkJ blHDAY, nth In.t -freaehliig at 11 A. M. by itev. (r bi k.hl: 1'. pubiio 1'taysr Maeir liur, to which ail ata invited.

11 ryj biuAwuiiiDGK m. e. chukch, LkJ Corner OarUn utui Jlt.l.ttm tlrretl. Treachlng at 11 A. M.

amis u'clock I'. M. the 1'nstor, Jtsv.JW. lt. l)vi.

ft! fp'v3" A ET bT K. M. fcTcTl LLi lug TOMoltlUiW. ibuud.y., July o'clock A. at.

and sr. by tha Taeivr. Liav. Am 1'. CoauiT.

11. rpV WILLIAM RTKhEt M. K. Cll LL? J'. ol New Tork.

will preach on bCNDAY, at 1. M. hul.Uct-' auc. ce ol I'rotcataut ChiUtlaiilty In it-; ryglJTAW MTKTtllOUCliil'reachiuir by it7 III f. lioi.u at o'clock A.

TO-MiiltKoW, July nib. Fipenenre an4 frayer Meet Inx ai SX o'clock la the Alloiuoeu. hd ftcacbhiu by iUV. Uo. VY.

Cacy. U'tlvK-k At, if4 SATURDAY. JULY 16. lSTO. AccoHMODtTioir or rai Kudus of lesrlnK the city during tbe summer months.

r- er nave mo nmf'i the ame Uie office. at thirteen cent for cacweek. twenty -Ave cents tor two weeks, and fifty Stou for four weeks. 1 TB Smc Is printed on type cast ce we very nljht licfore going to press, giving clearness snd distinct-ties to sit Its contents, and Is, therefore, la connection with Its unrivaled and universal circulation, immensely more Taloable as an advertising medium than any other daily paper published south of Mason fend Dixon's line. Advertise In a paper of adrenal circulation: a paper which- maintains right principles In all thinars; ai paper acceptable alike to good men of all parties: such a paper This SC5 la conceded to be brail men whose opinion is worth "having.

Was is Etbopi Effect on American Commerce and Interest. The war clond, which avlthin the past ten day has risen eo swiftly and so suddenly upon the horizon of Europe, according to latest advices, la about to burst in Btorm. Yesterday's cable dispatches announce khe formal proclamation of war against Prnjgja fcy Trance. The diplomatic pretext is said to fcave been an affront offered to Count Benc-dctti, tba French ambassador, by the Prussian King. The ambassador, it appears, accosted the Kins while he was drinking the waters at and pressed for an immediate answer to Xhe French demands touchinr the pending He was, therefore, dismissed immediately.

Perhaps the Prussian Tersion of the eame story will represent the aSront as having leen offered to their King. The political pretext is the by Prussia of the conditions of the treaty of Prague, negotiated between Austria and Prassia in 1S06. By one of the terms of that treaty Prussia succeeded to the Austrian claims upon the allegiance of the Dachy of orth Sc-e8wi, subject to the that -if, by free voting, the districts of IN'orth Schleswig shall car-ifis: the wish to be uuitcd to DeEniark, the districts in question fjhail be ceded to Denmark." This condition Prussia is accused of having to fulfil, esd this is the condition cf witch France, A appears, altbonsa cot an immediate party to-the ireaty. feels her honoi 6ahow to compel the observance. To scusibie people at a distance, removed Irom the irtmediate interests and passions cf the conflict, neither the diplomatic nor political pretexts will appear to furnish any Mtisfactory reason why the great powers, iu this ae of civilizf-tioa and of progress, and tt a time otherwise of profound peace, ebouid rudiieniy pinnae futo the horrors and calamities of war.

Our own recent and painful ei-I Las tans-lit us," it is to be hoped, to uppreciate the value and biessinj of peace, the inuite wretchedness and misery of war. People will still ak why there should be war at ail? The diplomatic insult will hardly be reason eno-gn, and the sadden soiicl-tude cf France about the treaty of Prague, which has lain dormant for four years, will appear even less intciiifcible. A few days ago the trouble was about Prince Leopold, and Ms threatened elevation to the Spanish throne That was more easily understood. Jealousy of Prussian influence, apprehension of Prussian scfr.cieutiy accounted for the enwi'i-iujrufcss of the Emperor Napoleon to see a IIo-li'-nzollern upon the throne of Spain. The withdrawal of the candidature of Prince however, appeared to have removed that cause of diOicnHy, aud the Bourse and money Siiarket, the sensitive barometer of public opinion, which had fallen at the prospect of war, rose rapidly aaia with the assurance of re-t-tored peace.

In fact, the perfectly origin of the present contest abont to be precipitated between two of the most formidable, if not the most formidable.military powers tit the world, is illustrated by the fact that ten ys ago nobody dreamt cf the likelihood of tsich an event. Yesterday the forma! promulgation of the fact of war was made in the reach Corps Legislatif. The two great nations thus arrayed in hostile con8ict by their, rulers have not been asked beforehand whether they consented to the fact. Sso much for the actual situation as 5t is outlined in our foreign dispatches. Should the worst prognostications prove true, and all ef.

such as are understood to be making by England, Austria and Russia, to arrest the tide of war, prove unavailing, it will be of interest to consider how the event, which we equally condemn and deplore, aii'ecta ourselves. A few facts will help to show. The steamer Baltimore, which Bailed on "Wednesday from this port, in anticipation of what has since come to pass, and S3 a measure cf prudent precaution, sailed under sealed orders as to her precise port of destination, to be opened by her captain outside the capes. The Benin, now due, will of course remain here if lier safety requires. It is possible also that the Lclpzic, which was to have sailed from Bremen on Wednesday, and from Southampton yesterday, has been detained on the other side.

The interruption to the bueiuess of this line, tv nose business prospects were never brighter, their freight encasem*nts extending into the juoutli of September, will be a public misfor tune. Not less so will be the interruption to tha tide of emigration setting from Germany to these Bliores, aud In the interchange of commerce, so conducive to the prosperity of both ations. llovv deeply Baltimore is interested in that comuierco may be inferred from the following list of vessels, in addition to the steamer of the Baltimore aud Bremen line, flying the North German ting now in this port: bhip Herinine, liCti tons, Captain Wclins, for Holland. Bark lue. 609 tons.

Capt.Bcn.ies, for Holland. Bark Industrie, bu2 tons, Captain llilken, for IIoMaud. Bark Pall, G70 tons, Capt. ileyerdieck, for Holland. Brlif Herraonie, SCO tons, Capt.

Sparke. The North German ship Doulsburg, of 1,120 tons, for Amsterdam, sailed on Tuesday last for Holland, wiih a full cargo, including 1,002 hhds. lofc'icco. Thursday orders were received here by engaged in shipping goods to Bremen to ship iu neutral vessels. Thb TitAxes Embankment A cable itch of Wednesday announced that the Queen of England on that day inaugurated one of the most successful and satisfactory undertakings which has ever been carried out in the city of J.oudoa tiio Thames embankment.

By the completion of this btrnctnro over two miles of tiie water-face of the most important section of tlie British capital has been couvcrted from a niud-bnnk into a noble boulevard, which has completely altered the appearance of ti.e neighborhood. A certain portion of the fite acquired for the embankment is, according a stimulation with the Home Oilice, to be appropriated to the purposes of a public recreation ground, which will be no slight boon to the foriorn nursiry maids and city-dwarfed children of the vicinity, removed as it has so 1 uig been from any reasonable proximity to the Loudon parks. CtiMicaL Tkachino jn Issanitt A writer ta the American Jonranl of Insanity strenuoun-Jy advocates dtdactic and clinical teaching of insanity aud other cerebral and nervous disorders in medical schools. The experience of tiuiseugcr ia quoted in proof of its entire practi-c ability. Br.

liammond, of New York, and Dr. Ji-uiduy, of St. Louis, have instituted clinics on these subjects. Ia France there were in ISM. according to official statistical returns, f.0,7211 jusanu aud idiots and cretius; lu England.

Ju lSi, there were 33.3U3. and in the I'uited Hates probably not loss than Insanity i-t acknowledged to be a physical disease, amenable to treatment, curablo in a large propor-t on of cases, and yet It is almost ignored in medicine, and iu medical schools re ceives little or no attention. The effects of clinical teaching on the insane subjects thetn-attlves are represented to bo salutary. A Monster Gun. The British War Office as issued an order for the construction of a gun, aud the royal gun factories at Wool, ich are now engaged iu its manufacture.

This colossal piece of ordnance will be, says the Ku- ropeau Mall, an enlarged specimen of the Woolwich gun." which is in reality a coil gnu on the priuciple Introduced by Mr. Eraser whereby tbe number of the parts (as compared with the Armstrong method) Is greatly dimin ished, while the total cost Is materially re duced, aud the strength of the gun is not only preserved, but increased. It is estimated that It will require six months to complete lb con tructiou of the immense affair. Mcscxe tebsus Mixd The last nnmber of the Hearth and Home contains an article on the present rage for physical exercises. While cordially approving of the cultivation of mus cle, the writer thinks that the danger now is.

as it has long been lu England, that muscle will be cultivated to the neglect of the mind. He particularly condemns the nevvly-lntrodnced fashion of professional clubs perambulating the country tor months In succession, playing matched gaiues, oa which large tarns of mousy are tstaked, and for the playing of which the clubs receivj salaries from their backers. Tag CuLTunr or Flax has recently barn introduced in California, and several handsome crsps have been grown this season in San Mateo county. One farmer who has planted thirty acres, will obtain from 1,000 to 1.200 pounds of eccd to the acre, bringing In cross return of from $50 to t0 per acre. The stalks are worth 4'AJ a ton.

The flax in California is not polled from the ground, but It cut with a reaping machine. A Bakquxt to tii Futtu Maiitxaki) stated that the Weccacoe Legion and tho "Washington Oreys, of rblladelphia will arrange a bauqnet for the Maryland Fifth ou their return fiora Cape May. provided said rcjrtiaout. "Ui t'J I'UMtllA at tLit 1 A DIES' IMITATION HAIR BM POK Vu li I.KXIK0TOW STKKET, BK A CHIGNONS and SWITCHES, M. All kiudsofChlg-Doua made to orderi Hair ltolls; Nots low.

Jyl6-6trj WTiitO-AWN WftrPdn nirquallUes. liAVELI NO RUri'S, in great variety, JAM 1.3 FUGLE Jlflnt'l -P4 North Charles street. oL'TtNlNG criAI'ESKECIUMPEinoeqtiBlnew. Thla tiielhod of rettewiiiK Crape cannot lie ul' Ald-KO In this oonntry. Also, LACK BWAWLSt AVi), Mtm JON KM.

11 1 'ark avenue, formerly Grundy ItolwPiiti Townsiuld and Moahcr sis. Jlj lin! AT rii.Sriof'i iliTavTiig HieTdty" for the springs I 4 end the aeaaliit. ahoiild call and examine our pioeU or AlK MUI If, iu Linen, Lawn, Ctrttitilliio, I'uiiie, organdie, a lid Traveling Suits, Helping Bulla, Waterproof Cl.OAKB, AltAlls. e. A)o a Jarije aioeM i.AMA LACK JACKETS and In! I whluh we nit) now sidling at greatly redu-etil pi loea.

fft lyals flttlng ruuni. and ladies In atlsndance. Jamm i i hi a hk. Jin HI" nt Noith Charlea at. intv "Arilpii' "a ri fi" ii INW Kin" .1 tt (V Ii l.liv.

nii. A Met i.i,. tlliliolta, l.nnea, 'I III III.R I I Inn lea I 1' i.AMA LAClt hHArVIft AND JACKIUI. nAMIt.TOM A'sTrit AN B)Saj tl i I A' Ma fut uiih A HKIilicrinNft In Ilia, or AIM HM A WT.rt and JACKKTSHo itloiin llnuij nut Imbue liialiig neeouut id Stock, 'I Im j.iicm Gomla liupoi leil by na wi of the norrotc on, Hieraie waiimiieil lo ininlu their Color and Hull. (lefts nilti have tot eollon In IIimiii, 'I he pi eauu a II or i la an opp'ii I lllilty lo buy ttte best arliele at a yai tiioiliiriiia (U lcit, JU) hir ituMMil our HI A Oltl Kf ADIrH'H.

'I tt EN 1 il(l( HA LA NCit of OIIH bl OCIC UK I GOOI.i, hi I'lneea. TIM1 I'AV slAHHIM) DOWW i.i. ii fi rn vih vknt. yiiou nic I'RNV I'll HiN. 'Mot above am Oooiia of our own Importation, and tin17 oiiui ee In every ptr in ular, jinilllr II AM I Ram 1 1' MOWS.

I A VVNi, Get your Due LA WNHat MKOI film H. I ml Weal llullliiiolll all'tet, ImailUful, fast in ill it wai I iiitled pot lo lade, or lot (mills, only l'i punim Ituinimnts cxiil. iillEhft GOODH for In cents, JiD r.t'r I A Cllli.At'. ai nitiii l.awns for YiH Hull I liimi, (or I.Htllea' nulla, hue, only autita. Hitaiitliui l.nwiia, that wont fade, I't'-i centa, Wlillo MaraullleS.

line. Vr, mils, for Hulls, tleituilfil I Filliped Marseilles, 111 celila. At Jill Jli'S HG I Hi HIM'H, H7 West llalllmore at. ll.OHl Nil Ollf vVlllllt IT, AID "MIIftLtrHI ''Hi Worlll4U While Hlrlpeil and Plaid Oigaii lle 111 cla, wm ill (t; White Maiueiiies and I'liua 'ts cmiia. worth IN.

at MEG I W. Haiti more at Jl (t'r WIC AltC MAKING TO OltUltlt Ihn'bnet Und ill Sllllir, hint aa you want It, guaranteed to fit, for Mil only i bualMhli MEGINNIHH'H, )7 Woal lliiltliiiore atrent, JIDH'r OPEN THIS DA Y-AnotlieMnvMce of those yard-wide Hull Chinese Grass LINENS, at IT' emu a ynrtl, also new PHINTSat W4 cants, at W. H.AG-l.EICH, No. A I North Charliia at. Jlft 21." IKKAT HA KG A i NS I Dltl'HS GOODH7 CAHHiT lH MKItH.

TOVYIOLSand TOWEI.IM. OihwLIU' (ins Holla low. Gnnia' Collars tl B0 per dozen. t.Jll) VV. UUI.IlU JIl'A trnnklin t.


lfl-eolfr 187 East Baltimore St. ITk'nCII LEMONS. 1100 box?" In prlrTlenTirfor sale by iIX STEINEit. It 1K3 Lombard St. NOW IS THE ACCEPTABLE TIMETO USE DAVIS MILLER'S CHOICE FLAVORS, comprising Vanilla, Rose, Lemon, Orange, Nectarinei lu years before the public.

Pronounced the best In use by competent judges. Only a small quantity required to impart a delicious flavor to Ice-Cream, Syrups. Cordials, Blanc-Mange, Cakes. Puddings, c. For sale by all Grocers and Druzgists.

Wholesale Depot. 18 NORTH HOWAtiD STUEET. J16-eot)r LADIES' LUNCHES are not considered complete without a cup of PASHA ALPS ARABIAN COFFEE. It is the fashion for the hostess herself to present the choice beverage with the mystic words, "Sahabti, saiem alicam." WILSON RAMSBUKGH. Agents, It: lo West Lombard atreet.

"AMP-MEETING SUPPLIES. Orders for GKO-CER1ES, TEAS. CRACKERS. CAKES, HAMS. BEEF, Breakfast Bacon, Canned Goods, Pickles, Kasoberry and Lemon Syrnps, Lemon Sugar, packed in best manner and delivered free to depot.

C. LEWIS DUN LAP, 16-ltr No. 1 a West Baltimore st. HEALTH. Try our Old Medicinal PORT WINE, our Old BRANDY.

CLARET. all at reasonable prices. Mcl.EAN A PAIRO. ttrt 5ii North Charles Ft. ANGOSTURA BITTERS-tl 50 per bottle.

BED-EORD aud SARATOGA WATER, for sale by Mclean paiko, tfrl S'4 North Charles st. SALT AFLOAT. 5.100 sacks Ground Alum. 1,800 sacks Deakln Fine, and 7.000 bushels Turks Island SALT, now landing ex ships Annapolis and Islaud Lass, and for sale lu lots to suit by ALEX. KEHTt A jl6-5tr5 41 South street.

fiA CANS PEEK. FKEAN LONDON OUU CRACKERS, and 600 cans ALBERT BISCUIT Just arrived and for sale, by WILSON RAMSBURGH. JylS SC 10 West Lombard street. N1 TICK TABLE SHEItKYAND POKTW1NE, $3 ner gallon: also, line BRANDIES. WHlSKlb.S.

HOLLAND GIN and RASPBERKY SYRUP, always on hand. LEWIS H. KEITZ JiVlm corner of Hanover and Camden Bts. COlARTMEHSIIIl NOTICES. rii NOTICE.

HE COPARTNERSHIP carried on by J. ANDERSON, under the name of H. S. SETH will, after this date, be conducted under the name of J. W.

AN DERSQN CO. ttWt? rpiIK FIRM heretofore existing under the name of J. M. BAR1SON BKO. hereby DISSOLVED by mutual consent.



i DEALE. Baltimore. June 1st, 1870. It i WE, THE UNDEIJS1GNEI). have this day FORMED A COPAItTN'EKSHIP, under the name, style, and firm of KEFAUVfcll.

GUMMING for the purpose of conducting the FLOL'lt, GRAIN AND PRODUCE COMMISSION BUSINESS at No. JIO SPKAK'S WHARF. Baltimore, June 1st, 1R7I). HAS. M. W. AUGUSTUS CUMMING "I is's()LIJT10N OF COPAK TNEUS1UP. Tboflrm LJ of 1JAMS I1UTCHINS was dissolvsd on the l.ith June- 18 iu. by mutual consent.

Flither partner is authorized to use the name of the tlrut In liquidation. ALFRED IJAMS. J. A. UUTCHINS.

rA. TIUTCHINS will continue the hnslnsia at the Old Stand, CORN Kit OF GAY' AND 11 1(111 and respectfully Informs the customers of the old firm that he has luld la a full supply of CHOICE GKOCEUIES. which he la selling at the LOWEST MARKET PRICK. Jl.l-St. NOTICE. the arraniremenls made and consumma ted between Ihe Copartners composing tho firm of Eft, CllADWICK the entire management and control or WILLARD'S HOTEL has pat-eed Into the hands ol tlie undersigned, who is from this dale alone tesponslble therefor. JAMES bYKES. June 10. 18i0. Jl'Nt 21, 1H70.

Mil. BYKES acknowledges till grateful obligations to tha patrons of VVILI.AliD'S HOTEL, and promises to those who shall visit Ills house to extend every comfort aud accommodation, that may lie In his power. FINANCIAL, 1)1 1 GUIS It, BROA DIIKNT. I.ICKNSHO iiliOUEK, 1J H7 SECOND STREET. Tim advurllser will purchase VIRGINIA COAL AND IRON STOCK.


BKOApBKNT. 1 i' A PH I' OR SALe7 Iii sums to auitT of every denomination. JOHN A. HAMIIl.l'-lON' tk BaNKKIIS. lyl-lltawlin' 1 Second atreet, near South.

A NOTICE. DIVIDEND OF 11 PER CENT, has been declared on the iipllal Slock by tho Hoard of Directors of the WINCHESTER AND PO'IOMAC RAILROAD COMI'AN payable on and afier thu 1st lust. Baltimore alock holder will bo paid by draft On W. L. nt.

Treasurer. jn-iii(. W. L. BEN'I Secretary.

Of*ck HARFORD FllirS 1NHCRANCK COM-PAN OF IIAI.TIMOKE, No. Ill Boulll streitt, over 1 bird National Bank. lUl.TIMOXtf, July A Dividend of TURKIC PER CENT, baa been declared (clear ol lanes) by this Company, payable ou and slier the Hih Instant, iu" IIENJAMINJIOM EGVSRecrelttry FElCKOFTTHt: ATLANTIC AND GEORGES CHEEK. COAL COM I' A NY, lui TitioHa, July 1, TDK DIRHCTORS have thla day declared a Dividend of 1 1 THEN CENTS PER nil ARE lor the past all iiiiilitha, payable on nud alter the Hull llial, TKANSr Klt HOOKS Cl.OhED diirlnu the previous week. GEO, bl'E AliNS, HacrBtaiy, Ol'FK'E IIAITIMORK CI TY i l-AHttltNGER RAILWAY July 111.

l(7u. The President and Uli et.l.trs hat UECLA RED A Dl I HEND on i ll RE1C PER payable on the 1st of Aunuot, liitii. Dulled Suites Tn paid by the 1 oiiii'Siiv. 'iiansloi' Hooks ooiioi1 to Morula)', August 1, 1H70, HlCTURDa C. SMITH.

JU ml n.A.n.oor.wJ Treasurer. 1 MTT.TON YVIIITNKV" HENRY D. JoHNS, A IOI1N A LAW. oillcti No. ft COURT-LA ND blUt-ltT, Hatlluioie, PRACTICE In all Ihe Courts.

ill liu'J WALTER CLARK, AlloRNli AM COIINHhT.LOR AT LAW, SCOTLAND NECK, N. C. Collentions made iii aity pai of Carol jna. alH flnil I( NOTICK Tha II IiKAI.ERS ot llaltlmme would uivo no! me thai mi and attur July ai, lite of lch. will ba ONE DOLLAR PER loo I'lillNDS.

'Hm and lam eased oust of 1CK at the in I cuipiiel us lo ADVANCK OUU J'UH'KS. JIMifl DKAIKltS. (il HoOSE, No. 4tH Weal HaT tlliuiru slitrnt, near Greeii, will Ire closetl (tii- ra-palrsi will REot'UN mi MitNAIiy, Imii Willi a li eah supply of the beat Liuiuii'S, Cluara, ami the hual of to I Hi nu the iimikul alloids ful a lliiol l.Aba itltal AbllAN T. JohEPll MitliFK, 1A) I'ltnuictor, SITED ST AT KS HUE AND 4 UlrjE INSURANCE COMI'AN 1 i Sop it BhoahivavY HaHiuiore, July 11, HiO.

Tha Btoiikiiiiltlms are huruny lined thai, the annuel El il I Hits Full In 111. l' It il, of Una Coinpauy Will bu held el Ihe ulllilu ou MONDAY, Inlli IliaUut, fi tiio ihe Iniiir o( il lu Ihe Itii euiitui (ill o'ctoce. ill Dm ailuinooii. JAMES RAN Dili. I'll, ji luhiS.itiiit semsiaiy.

llilil'SV" WOliSt" CASKo -All I pciaolis wlilt Una ittuailut! diseaa ahtiul.l auud al oiu.u fur oil. P.O. BO D'b DROPSY liei 11 I' hlcii has saved so Htapy All lettule ahd ultluta tiiu.l lie aildraa.Sil to my tla.ta'itsi, Mlla II HAlllM-All, 0 1 West I hil Hin atreet, HUl' Die Yvt, SECOND ANNUAL EXCURSION 5kXaf OF rtlK tanvi r-iTarmMARYLAKD 1URN ASSOCIATION. TO LA BELL 10 GROVE. JULY siOTU.

On the Steamer CHESTER. The Association-respectfully announce to thetr friends aud publtc that they will hold their Annual Excursion ou the above daieThe committee have spared neither pains nor expense to make, tins tho moat resercbe of the season. Rcfretihnients, Confectionery. DlnneT and Supper will be served by the experienced eaterese, Mrs. Sieinmavnr.

Prof. Pick's Brass audtriufi Baud lias been engaged for the occasion. Tickets 75 cnts Tor Adulis, Children 40 cents, to be bad at the boat on tho morning of the Th-? Boat will leave Light-street wharf, at 7X A. foot of Conway street. The boat will stop at Brown's wharf, going aud returning.

By order of the Committee. J.OU1S TREi'F, Chairman. HENRY KIGESBROT. Secretary. Jltt-lt" EXCURSION OF THK CHRISTIAN 'HAND OF OTTEHHEIN CHAPEL.

OF THE UNITED. BRETHREN IN CHRIST, TO HOLLY GROVE. TUESDAY, July 20. 1870, ro tii a BENEFIT OF THE POOlt. Mlnlrs consented to ba preaent: H.

A. ftrjiilchter, tteott street: Rev. J. W. Hedges, rank-Mn i.reet: Kev.

G. W. Cooper, Columbia stroet; RtT. K. S.

Norrts. Poppleton street church. TiclrnU VI wnli. ChTdien nhder 12 yara Vi Tiekata to had at J'eph Stewart Fremont and Utile Green John Coinmlns and Fremont atreeia; ttbeckals Gray a. I'oppleton and Mnloerry stracta; J.

Knlpp orth live a(4 atreet, rar Marion. All persons whhlfiJT to pleasant day. coins f) with a wi tt.fiX Vi have 01 of the isvt dv t.vttr hatd ar'ttur Orova Vol that orofirfitor it the Grove klwy to llo-me, i i All pftrt'wi wlalilnjf fliss'r ctilidrsm -rat or ftfiy a)fnia wlariing a will ilcf f.orl lo Pn-aac buy eta from oa, a sra hy tti'Mlvl laa ia-f that -n In 'i'lVT' Alva's EiCU'Oj. TO MoSIIAr, I. I7f.

fm IVf Hi. wiiarf- at i A prof, fe rairttr a I M.uAT jr tA CoU-ica I.aA-1 ia U. 'u. Tk.itnn Ti A r.ra A tat Sad r.i u. a Ka 'ja A 'A i'iiAf TICK TS2 2AT.

T. tinf f. AA V. fT 1 V.P: tw- j-lt a t)wr, the Hay ea si, hi i sfttl.J z.f y.Kt hi.

3. Ltgr.l 'j-et. ct Pratt ad at A. M. i P.

vi iv-, at V. M. arjj P. Si i- Jt iwt aid C(iH4i ytar GtAJ'i rUANKLlS FTP.kk it. E.

-TmXi'jjiU. MOSL-AY. JtUy ii. VC1. Of lie ife ar.1 r.oai.-r.-llu oMact EN ON AH.

Vvr.z.z from waarf. of ray o'eloc A. M. Tickets 15 tent: d'a years, Cor. CtxXMm try aad Maia texredi Bp by tne Society at city tiees.

Tieketa caa had at toe Boat oa the morr.Sag of the Excursion- oc of aoy of taa Gc L. V. A. H. Lyeth.


July IStb. Leaving PIER No. 7. LIGHT-STREET WHARF, at o'clock, stopping at West wharf, foot of Bood street, going and returning. This splendid place ot resort, caving been newly fitted uo.

ha every convenience tor Dancing, Boating, Ac Being only about four hours' ride, it will allow the excursionist to remain five or six hours in this delightful ove. MINNICK'S CELEBRATED BRASS AND COTILLON BAND has been engaged for the occasion. Meals end Confectionery will be Berved by Mrs. STERNMYER, experienced Caterers. No spirituous liquors allowed on board.

The Committee having the Excursion In charge promise jthat nothing will be left undone to make this the Grandest Excursion of tbe season, aud IT possible to excel that ol last year. Adults' tickets 75 cents. Children's tickets 23 for all over sir; years. Committke. A.

M. Young, Chairman: Jos. F. Nell-son, Secretary; John McClean, Jas. Mcrrltt.

Geo. W. A. Neilson. Jacob UUnian, Robt.

J. Deveuny, Thos. Johnsou. John Baker and Wm. Lynnes.

Ballet Mastku Lewis Neilson. Iy9 s.w.s-Stv' jSjLJ'g'i HE PRESBYTERIAN SABBATH on board the Steamer THOS. COLL'i E15, TUESDAY July IS), leaving Light street wharr. Pier IS, near Lee in the Morning, at 1 o'clock, and iu tbe After-uoon, at IX and 4 o'clock. Tickets for Adult Ui cents.

Children 25 cents. The Little Old Folks are expected to Pine, and a juvenile military troupe, lu continental costume, will parade upon the grounds. -Ample arrangements In the wayof amusem*nts are provioeo tor tne cujoymeni ot an. rASULl EXCLUSION TO CH ES- 1UN Tl kUV -ll onboard the Steamer METAMOltA. Tickets only 50 cents.

Liberal deductions to Asso ciations made for ibis Excursion bv applying at 255 r.asit-ru avenue, ueax uruau way. acta luture a.iver tlscmeut. Jy 15-3tg EXCU1WION TO ANNAPOLIS. Tnfi steameTlsEORGE LAW Will make EXCUliSIONS to and return, every MONDAY and VEDN ESDAY, leaving l'ler 7. 1.1' ht-street wharf, at 4W o'clock P.

M. These Excursion's will be tinder the control of tho Chester River Steamboat Compaur. and nopninsor expense will be spared to make it a pleasant trip to those who wish to spenu a lew uouiauu iua SI'PI'ER ON BOAltn. BliASS and COTILLON BAND will accompany the xcursion. Ticket Ou Dollar, to be bad at the office, ou tho wharf.


Captain W. Voasy, leaves South-street wharf every WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY at 6 o'clock for the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. Through and round trip tickets sold to Cobb's Island. The hacks will make au extra charge for biijmige across the Pcuinsula. Steamer MAGGIE.

Captain S. H. Wilson, leaves the same wharf every TUESDAY and FRIDAY, at 6 o'clock P. for Crisileld and Pocomoke River Landings, taking passengers lor SCOTT'S OCEAN HOUSE AND GREEN RUN HKAC1I, each trip. P.

K. CLARK. Agent. 'JvO-tm' 1Q South street. -II 'w: FOlt WHITE ROCK.

RETI.EAT. The Steamer 1SAAU P. SMITH will VIKK No 8 LUJHl. between Pratt and Camden, dully, I Saturday and Sundays excepted.) commencing ouMONDAi, Juuo lutiuHk Leave Leave Baltimore. White Koek Kctreat.

8 A.M. USA. M. 1 P. M.

2 1'. M. 4S P. M. P.

M. 1 P. M. 9 P. M.

Arrive In Baltimore. II! 'I A. M. M. fi'i P.

M. IU r. Fare the Round Trip, S5 cents: Children under 12 years, 15 cents. 1. literal deductions to Sunday Schools and other Societies.

jlS-linl Office S2 Light up stairs. af'Uii'OTT) GrtAND KM IM1MON, hirk Ptlll.ADJtLPIUA. Ai The Pfl 1 A. WILM 1 TON AND RAL- Tl MOHK RAILKOAl) COMI'AN having rranged with connecting lines, cau oiler to tourists and pleasure travelers most delightful excursion trip. By this route passengers pass through the most beautiful and romantic mountain, lake and river scenery of Pennsylvania, New York, Canada and the New England States, with choice of eight dilloreut routes to Nlgtirn Falls, viz: Erom Philadelphia via Oata-wissa.

Lehigh Valley and Delaware valley, From Now York via Erls. Hudson River and New York Central lines, going up the lUirisuii by rail or river. From Niagara passenger t5ve choice of either the Grand Trunk Kallwav of Canada or the magnllloent steamers of the Roval Muil Llue to Quebec, viewing the thousand Islands and tho rapid of the St. Law-, renco by dayllirht. Returning via White Mountains, Portland, Boston.

Newport, toTlew York, aud back to Baltimore. Tourists, before their routes, will find It to be to their advantage to call at the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Ticket Orilee, No. 147 V. Baltimore lreet, prooura circulars, examine maps, and receive information ftoiu P. W.

JANOVYITZ. Ticket Agent. FOlt TIIE VIRGINIA BPKINGS. VIA RICHMOND AND YORK RIVElt AND CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO BA1LKOADS. The splendid steamers of the Richmond and York River Line leave daily excepted) al 4 o'clk P.

M. from Pier a Light-street wharf for West Point, making close connection with morning express traius of the Chentpetikt umi IMiu A'tiiicodJ from Richmond. Passenger by thl route have an undisturbed night's rest on the bay. entering the York river at davlmht, altortllng a beautiful view of all tbe places of notoriety along the line of the Richmond and York River Railroad, and a daylight ride over the Chesapeake aud Ohio Railroad, with It utagulllceut ttceuury. Breakfast on steamers before arrival at WeBt Point, at 1 A.

and Supper at the Springs same ovontng. 'assage Baltimore to I.IK) toutul trip Excursion tickets ttl 00 J'assage Baltimore to White Sulphur 50 Round trip excursion tickets And to all polnta South at corresponding reduvtlons. "Parsons taking their horses and carriage will have thein carefully attended to aud carried at the lowest possible rate. Throuuh tickets sold to While Sulphur, Partville, Greensboro', Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia, Augusta, Savannah, and all points South and Southwest, at 17 VI EST BALTIMOHE CALVERT (opposite Itanium's Hotel.) 07 Thames street (Fell Point,) aud at the Steamer' Oilice, 00 Ught street. Jelti-Siu R.

FOSTEtt. Agent. alt, LODGE, Wft. I.O.O.K.. will have an KX-'mm' to CAMIIItlDGE on WED NESDAY.

Julv 27. on the larortte Steamer KENT. Particular in future advertisem*nt. lylH-lt PIANOS, Ac. OlttlANSl KG ASS.

B-ftl4 BITEFFS OHGANS are st a ui OUGANS. the best and tMl, tlWJ. tUJ. 1150 and Call aud see helot you miy. UTEFF'S.

i tA7r ft North Liberty street. 81'iEFF'S PIANOS T'UIUMPHANT, -rTV fieven Gold Metlals have been lately awarded for the bent Pianos manufactured by Stleff, In competition with Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York Piano. Sold at very low price lower than any other house lu the city. SIT FF'S tA7jr tt North Liberty a'treet. HE-r-m BECOND-IIAIM'TanTiS.

frvft Fifty uow on hand. tna V-oetave Kose wood, carved. JvV); Chlckerlng l'lano. but little tised, for some of my owu make but Utile lisud; tniB for 15, IU0. 15, 15U mid rtiitfctl.

at SllKtKa, -aTtblAnortzjtTHit iriMIKllTtK ANElltO. Tiil The A 1 Clipper Hark "LAPWING, Ban-Ihall, master, will sail for the above port about tha Wth July. For passage, having fin appf to JKNRra9 c( 111 tJvM .1 No. 14 Seoontl street. NEW CROP TUKN1PSEED.

ALSO. IMPROVED IU1TA RAOA. J. BOl.Gl ANO A HON, No, Calvert vC.coruvr of Water. Jyilmt.

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