SWISSE Win years supply of Marley Spoon (2024)

SWISSE Win years supply of Marley Spoon
Entry methods: Online, Purchase Req, Freq: Unlimited, Prize pool: $7,403, Closes 31/07/2024
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Draw Date: 07/08/24

Swisse Marley Spoon Immunity Consumer Promotion 1. Promoter The Promoter is Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd (ABN 62 004 926 005) of Level 7, 88 LangridgeStreet, Collingwood VIC 3066 Australia (Promoter). Promotion period The Promotion will commence at 09:00 AEDT on 01.05.2024 and conclude at 23:59 AEDTon 31.07.2024 (Promotion Period).

2. Who can enter Entry into the Promotion is only open to Australian residents aged 16 years or over, excluding: (a) management, employees, directorsand contractors of the Promoter, its related entities and other agencies, firms or companies associated with the Promotion (including suppliers of theprize); (b) a spouse, de-facto spouse, parent, guardian, child or sibling of a person referred to in paragraph (a) of these Conditions of Entry; (c)persons who have breached the terms and conditions of any promotion run by or on behalf of the Promoter, (Eligible Entrants). The Promoter isresponsible for determining whether a person is an Eligible Entrant in its absolute discretion. Entrants under 18 years of age must have a parent orguardian’s permission before providing personal information and entering the Promotion. Any entrant who, in the opinion of the Promoter: (a) tampersor interferes with the entry or draw mechanism in any way; (b) engages in any unlawful or improper conduct which jeopardises, or is likely tojeopardise, the fair or proper conduct of the Promotion; or (c) who does not properly comply with the entry process; or (d) engages in any unlawful orimproper conduct during the fulfilment of the Prize; will be ineligible to win.

3. How to enter Eligible Entrants will receive an automatic entry into the prize draw when they purchase a Swisse immune product(s) from aparticipating store during the Promotion Period. To enter and be eligible to win, Eligible Entrants must, during the Promotion Period: (a) purchaseany products from the Swisse’s Cold, Flu and Immunity Range (Eligible Product) from a Participating Pharmacy (as defined in Schedule 1) in Australia(Qualifying Purchase) and retain their original purchase receipt; (b) visit (Online Entry Site); and (c) fully complete and submit the online Promotion entry form on the Online Entry Site(Online Entry Form), including: i. all details required on the Online Entry Form, including but not limited to their first name, last name, phonenumber, date of birth, address and email; ii. the last four (4) digits of the product barcode corresponding to their Qualifying Purchase; and iii.their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Entry (Eligible Entry). Each Qualifying Purchase entitles an Eligible Entrant to one entry into thePromotion. Eligible Entrants may enter the Promotion multiple times, provided that they have made multiple Qualifying Purchases and have a uniquepurchase receipt for each Qualifying Purchase. The Promoter reserves the right to allow additional pharmacies to participate in the Promotion at anytime and revise the list of participating pharmacies in Schedule 1 accordingly.

4. Prize information and draw One potential winner will be drawn via a random electronic draw at Level 7, 88 Langridge Street, Collingwood 3066 VIC(Draw Location) at 11am AEST on 07.08.2024 and the Prize will be awarded to the first person drawn following winner validation and verification(Winner). The Promoter may draw additional reserve entries (and record them in the order that they are drawn) in case an invalid entry or ineligibleentrant is drawn. The Winner will win a years’ supply of Marley Spoon (Prize). Prize consists of 52 Marley Spoon boxes (each containing 3 meals for 4persons, including shipping, valued at $142.37) and will be delivered as a voucher redeemable from for a period of 18 months. The total Prize pool value is $7,403.24 (inclusive of GST). Utilisation of the Prize issubject to the terms and conditions of Marley Spoon. The Prize is only available to residents within Marley Spoon delivery locations. If the Winnerresides outside Marley Spoon delivery locations an alternate prize will be awarded to the Winner. The Prize is not transferable or exchangeable andcannot be taken as cash. The Prize must be taken as offered and may not be varied. The draw result is final and no correspondence will be enteredinto.

5. Notification of winners The Winner will be notified via telephone and email within one (1) business day of the draw and their last name, initial oftheir first name and postcode will be published on from 08.08.2024 for a period of 30 days. All reasonable efforts will be taken to contact the winner. The Promotertakes no responsibility for unread, undelivered or incorrectly provided email information.

6. Unclaimed prize draw If the Winner cannot be contacted and the Prize remains unclaimed at 5pm (AEST) on 04.09.2024 a replacement winner will bechosen from the reserve entries. If there are no available reserve entries, a random electronic re-draw will be conducted at 11am AEST on 05.09.2024at the Draw Location by the Promoter from all remaining entries received in the Promotion and the Prize will be awarded to the first person drawn,subject to any directions from the relevant state and/or territory gaming departments (ReDraw). Re-Draw Winner will be notified by phone and emailwithin one (1) business day of the Re-Draw and their last name, initial of their first name and postcode published on from 06.09.2024 for a period of 30 days.

7. Winner Verification Eligible Entrants must retain their original purchase receipt from their Qualifying Purchase (Proof of Purchase) whichcorresponds to each entry they submit in the Promotion. If requested by the Promoter, Eligible Entrants must produce, within the time requested bythe Promoter at its absolute discretion: (a) appropriate photo identification or other documentation, required by the Promoter to verify theiridentity, age, eligibility to enter the Promotion and claim the prize (if won) and compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Entry; and (b) theiroriginal purchase receipt (or other acceptable proof of purchase acceptable to the Promoter) that corresponds to all entries they have submitted inthe Promotion. If the items required by the Promoter are not received or an entrant has not been verified to the satisfaction of the Promoter withinthe time period required by the Promoter, the entry(s) submitted by the entrant will be deemed invalid. The Prize will only be awarded following allvalidation and verification requirements of the Promoter being met to its satisfaction. In the event that the Eligible Entrant cannot provide suitablevalidation or verification, the Eligible Entrant will forfeit their right to a Prize and no substitute will be offered.

8. Prize delivery Once the Winner has been verified and validated, the Prize (in the form of a Marley Spoon voucher) will be emailed to the Winner.If the Winner is under the age of 18, the Prize will be awarded to the Winner’s nominated parent or legal guardian. The Prize must be redeemed withinany redemption dates specified by the prize supplier, Marley Spoon. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for unread, undelivered or incorrectlyprovided email information. If the Prize is no longer available, the Promoter may substitute with a prize of equal or higher value (subject to anywritten directions from a regulatory authority).

9. Liability The Promoter accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any variation in the value of the Prize from the time of printing Promotionmaterials. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any entries not received for any reason during the Promotion Period. The Promoter does notwarrant that the entry mechanism will be available at all times during the Promotion Period. The: (a) Promoter, the Promoter's related entities andany agencies associated with the Promotion, and (b) the employees, agents, directors and contractors of all entities referred to in paragraph (a),shall not be liable for any loss or claim, action, demand, liability, damage, cost, expense or personal injury whatsoever (including but not limitedto any direct, indirect or consequential loss), incurred, suffered or sustained by any person or entity (without limitation) in connection with, orarising from, the Promotion or the acceptance or use of the Prize, except that which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability islimited to the maximum extent allowable by law). The Prize is subject to the terms and conditions of Marley Spoon. The Promoter is not responsible orliable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by the Winner as a result of the conduct of any third-party supplier or otherwise as a result of awinner accepting and/or using the Prize (even if caused by negligence), except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. Nothing in theseconditions restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law includingthe Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). 10. Privacy The Promoter is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (ThePrivacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012), as well as any other applicable laws. The Promoter collects, uses, discloses and storesthe entrant’s personal information for the purpose of conducting the Promotion, without which the Promoter couldn’t conduct the Promotion. To assistin conducting the Promotion, the Promoter may disclose the entrant’s personal information to third parties, including but not limited to agents,contractors, service providers, prize suppliers, affiliates (including participating pharmacies) and, as required, Australian regulatory authorities. By entering this Promotion, all entrants consent to the personal information submitted with their entries being (i) entered into the databases of thePromoter, participating pharmacies and (ii) used by the Promoter, participating pharmacies for future promotional and marketing purposes. ThePromoter’s Privacy Policy, available at, contains more information on how the Promoter manages the entrant’s personal information, including how theentrant can access and correct its information, or make a complaint. 11. General As a condition of entry, all entrants agree to be bound by Terms andConditions of Entry and by the decisions of the Promoter, which shall be final and binding in all matters relating to this competition. The Promoterreserves the right to cancel, terminate, or suspend this Promotion and, subject to any directions from a regulatory authority, select a winner fromamong all Eligible Entries received up to such time of cancellation, termination or suspension. 12. Permits/Licences Authorised under ACT Permit NoTP24/00315 and SA Licence No. T24/270.

Schedule 1SWISSE Win years supply of Marley Spoon (1)articipating Pharmacies Advantage Pharmacy Amcal Chemist Blooms TheChemist Chemist Discount Centre Chemist Outlet Chempro Chemist Direct Chemist Outlet Discount Drug Stores Good Price Pharmacy Guardian PharmacyNational Pharmacies Pharmacy Alliance Pharmacy Choice Silver Pharmacy 4 Less Pharmasave Ramsay Pharmacy TerryWhite Chemmart Ventura Health as updatedfrom time to time in the Promoter’s sole discretion.

SWISSE Win years supply of Marley Spoon (2024)
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